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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The problem of svchost.exe

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Having problem of 100% cpu usage due to svchost.exe?? Its probably b'coz your pc's svchost.exe have been infected with a probable spyware or trojan which uses up your memory.
I actually had to  solve a problem with 100% CPU usage due to multiple instances of svchost running. I originally thought I had figured it out after removing SoundForge, the program that caused a hard crash on my PC because CPU usage dropped to between 4% and 100% after removal. But after reboot, the system returned to 100% CPU usage. The svchost.exe (Generic Host Process for Win32 Services) is an integral part of Windows XP OS. It cannot be stopped or restarted manually. It manages 32-bit DLLs and other services. In normal conditions more than one Svchost.exe instance will always be open. Because I normally have five open, I cannot launch things such as REGEDIT or Norton Anti-Virus as there is not wnough memory.

It's important to note that SERVICE HOST is not a bug. It is a required service. SVCHOST.exe runs runs DLLs. In my case, a DLL might be experiencing a problem or might be corrupted. These problems might be caused by viruses, trojans--or spy software in my case. SVCHOST.exe runs a DLL. If a specific DLL is corrupted, you have to identify what app is causing the DLL call. The Event Viewer helps here.I did a line-by-line analysis of tasks running in my XP Pro operating system. I have Task Manager running in one window and have noted which services are using memory and CPU. I also open a second window for Control Panel [Admin Tools/Services] where I look at plain services, not component services. I go down the list of services and turn them off and back on while monitoring the Task Manager. In my case, systems.exe is the culprit. Time to delete the culprit.

I deleted services.exe from my System32 directory and released enough resources to run AVG Anti-Virus. It found evidence of the HLLW.Nachi.B virus, so it quarantined it and deleted it from my system.I edited my system registry to remove any other evidence. Clean registries make faster bootups. Inorder to prevent further instances like this it is better to install and run a good firewall like Zonealarm while you are on net so that the attack of spams on your pc is limited. Further buy a pro version of avg antivirus or atleast get a free version. Using Zonelabs security is better b'coz it provides an all-in-one. A firewall, anti-spy and anti-virus. It can be dowloaded here.
The password for the rar file is  Dazza@Zeedownload.com

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Zonelabs Security


Zone Alarm Pro 7.0.302.000
The best firewall around here though concerns are their about its over process usage. You will find it very helpful though if you are a frequent net user and has concerns about your frequent net usage. Delivers proactive firewall protection with multiple layers of security that stop inbound, outbound, and program attacks while remaining completely invisible to hackers.

The password for the rar file is Dazza@Zeedownload.com.
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ZoneAlarm Anti Spyware ver. 7.0.722
 Size: 14.31 MB

Prevent infection as well as remove existing spyware on your PC. Includes anti-spyware, spy site blocking, operating system firewall, network and program firewall, and much more.

Includes anti-spyware, spy site blocking, network and program firewall, operating system firewall, and much more.
Anti-Spyware IMPROVED
More robust detection and removal functions perform deeper scans at every level and purge spyware from your PC.
Ability to remove even the most persistent, hard-to-find spyware that infiltrate your PC at the core level
Spy Site Blocking
Prevents spyware from getting on your PC by blocking its primary source: spyware distribution websites.


ZoneAlarm Wireless Security v5.5.094.000

                                            A new Internet security solution designed specifically for mobile users and wireless home networks.
                              ZoneAlarm Wireless Security combines an intuitive user experience with powerful security features including a stealth firewall to barricade the PC from inbound attacks, Program Control to thwart Trojan horses and spyware programs and MailSafe to quarantine suspicious email attachments.
I have been using this one for sometime now and have found it very useful.

The following link gives you the installer as well as the fix for the program....


Friday, February 23, 2007

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'Image Music Video' Converters Editors Players.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Free software Of the day

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Everything here is spam-free, virus-free etc etc (my personal guarantee), feel free to xplore.

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and if you are a game freak there is a free game for download everyday on 
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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Protecting Your PC

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No matter how fast your processor and regardless of how much ram you carry, there comes a time when you realize your computer just doesn’t run as fast as it did when you brought it.

Windows loads slower, programs take longer to launch and in general, your computer drags like it just came off a 2-night drinking binge. If this sounds like your situation the following tips may help you.

Disk Cleanup Utility

You may not realize it, but just because you finish with or delete a file doesn’t mean your computer does. Everyone should use the Windows “Disk Cleanup Utility” to delete old, unused and temporary files that clog your hard drive.

Click Start>programs>accessories>system tools>Disk cleanup. Analyze your hard drive for files you can eliminate and it may shock you to see how much hard drive space (and speed) you can free up with a few clicks

Stop them at start-up

Go to start>run> type “msconfig” there (without quotes) and click the startup tab in the following window. You can view and change here the programs that starts when windows loads. Be careful not to uncheck any essentials for your computer to load. There is an additional option here for diagnostic start-up under general tab. Check this if you want to run your computer with basic essentials and then add to them only the programs you need. Some services like cidaemon.exe and ctfmon.exe are absolutely which you can uncheck to speed up your computer.


This is a time consuming activity but it helps. Sometimes lack of speed simply results from your computer working too hard to find the files it needs. You can solve this problem by “defragging” your hard drive. Click Start>programs>accessories>system tools>disk defragmentator. Choose the disk you want to defragment and expect the program to run for hours if you have a packed disk. And it needs at least 13% free disk space to defragment.

Uninstall Unused Software

We all maintain many types of software some of which we rarely use. Click Start>Control panel> Add/Remove programs to pull up a screen that allows you to remove any program on your system. Just click and remove programs you never use

Buy More RAM

Install maximum amount of ram your system can handle. More ram means more speed and ram costs are so low now-a-days but be careful so as not to overload your system.

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