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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Converting LIT Files


Compiled version of Convert LIT 1.8

A precompiled version of the program for Microsoft(r) Windows(tm) operating systems. This includes "clit.exe","ReaderKeyRecoveryTool.exe", and "LitConverter.exe". Often one is irritated by the fact that after downloading scores of documents and literary data from net you just can;t open it b'coz it has an LIT extension and microsfot reader just wont touch it. LIT files are binary executable files from the AMOS operating system. LIT files can be created with a Motorola 68000-compatible assembler or any COBOL/C/PASCAL/FORTRAN, etc. programs. So if you want your lit files converted to easy to read html document this converter is a one click acheiver that requires no programing knowledge..

Get It Directly without any Rapidshare waiting.

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musangv8 said...

HELLO there! Is there any other site to download it which is NOT rapidshare? It really is a nuisance because it keeps telling me that somebody is always downloading something every other second so that there is no way I can download it UNLESS I use premium account.I use a broadband connection so maybe that i share my IP with others. I dunno.

Guyinthemiddle said...

Hey musangv8,

Done! Direct Download from now. Enjoy.


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