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Thursday, April 26, 2007

AVG 7.5.448- Internet Security Edition With Crack

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AVG-The coolest free anti virus software.

AVG is the easiest anti virus software around. It has a reliably fast scanner with a very down to earth easy interface. It doesn’t hype you with all the details. Instead its control center has all the details arranged, like anti virus, anti spam, anti spy ware and an excellent firewall too. This, if you are a frequent net user, is a very essential and free download.

The AVG anti-spy gets all those suspicious files that could be spywares but also tools for viruses too. It searched up a winamp extension that has been in my system for years as being a tool for viruses and after deleting that and a hoard of other files that the scanner found out, my system speed just boosted up. That was when I thought I like AVG.

The firewall is an excellent tool with AVG’s trademark easy on the user controls to monitor your net traffic and you get to decide what goes in and out of your PC. An anti spam is also provided which can check all your incoming mail for spam. You can disable it but it sure helps.

The main thing with AVG is that it’s downloads are very fast unlike the live update in Norton or in any other anti virus. AVG provides free edition also which does not have all the above mentioned add on’s but still if u want a basic anti virus AVG free edition would do too. But of course you could use the crack provided here and get the full version. The crack has been tested and it provides license till 11/6/2008. So get the free download and enjoy.

"Register with key given below..."

GET AVG 7.5.448 from Grisoft HERE

File Size:42 MB

After you complete the download use the following user name and license key to register
User name: sam777
License key: 75I-TH1R11-P06-C01-S2AL7G-DP7-5RFV

To get rid of the "Pirate/illegal copy" popup while updating,

Do the Following:

1 - Go to "Control Center" in AVG.

2 - Click on "Update manager"

3 - Click on "Settings"

4 - Click on the "URL" tab and change URL in the first line from

http://update.grisoft.cz/softw/70/update(or delete this address)


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