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Sunday, April 1, 2007


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You want to experience the thrill of making a virus and at the same time do no harm to the victim. Here is an easy way to do both of this. The steps below help you make a simple program, a virus, which simply performs the function of shutting down the computer in which it has been opened. You can specify the time after which the computer shut downs after the program is run and also display a message for the victim.

Warning: The author does not take responsibility for any charges that may arise due to this. This is intended wholly for educational purposes and give adequate time for the user to shut down so as to save his works.


1.) Go to the desktop, or anywhere on ur System, and Right click > New > Shortcut
2.) You should notice how an item is created on your desktop, and a window should also pop up. It should ask you to "Type the location of the item". In that box, type in shutdown -s -t XX -c "YY" (XX representing the amount of time, in seconds, you want to give before the shutdown is initiated, and YY representing the comment you want to show.)
3.) Click Next
4.) Give the new shortcut a name, and hit Next.

There you have it. You have made a simple yet harmless virus. Once anyone opens it the system shuts down after the specific time. It reboots without any trouble.

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