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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


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MPEG4 Direct Maker is a video editing software that helps you create DIVX, AVI/MPEG4 WMV video clip files from VCD/DVD Disk/QuickTime Movie. MPEG4 Direct Maker includes a internal player help you play DVD/VCD/WMV/AVI/ASF/MOV/QT/MP3/WAV/WMA files. The MPEG4 Direct Maker can directly convert VCD/DVD/QuickTime to DIVX,AVI/MPEG4 WMV V7/V8/V9 format.It can compress your video files to upto 6 times in DIVX mode. It is a free software and the download is absolutely free.

How does it work?

Simply setup the format you want to record to,and then Click the Convert button!.When you click STOP button you will get a DIVX,AVI/MPEG4 WMV file in the PLAYLIST window.You can doubleclick the file just produced by the program to view it!!

What can you do with it?

MAKE Video Clip yourself! Convert your VCD/DVD/QuickTime Movie to Windows Media Video V8/V9/DIVX, AVI. One CD Can hold 360 minutes video clip with VHS Quality -or- 108 minutes video clips with DVD quality(800KBPS,Windows Media Video V8/V9 Format)!.Moreover you can compress your video files, play the files and convert between various video file exrensions.
All this and more with this free software.


  • Directly convert VCD,DVD,Quicktime to DIVX,AVI/MPEG4 WMV V7/V8/V9 video format .

  • Audio/Video/VCD/DVD player.

  • Simple and Useful Playlist.

  • Automatically convert multiple files.

  • Customize AVI/WMV format.

  • Automatically produce DIVX.AVI/MPEG4 WMV file name according to your system time.
The download is free.
So you want this VIDEO editor?? DOWNLOAD HERE

The password for the rar file is "livewares", without the quotes.
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