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Thursday, May 10, 2007

How To Download Youtube Videos?

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There are many ways actually. You can use any one of the following.
1>Download the full version of the you tube to avi converter which downloads youtube videos, convert it into the easily playable avi format and stores it in your pc. Neat and simple. See for yourself here.

2>To convert youtube videos directly for your iPOD GO HERE.

3> Go to this site downloadyoutubevideos.com enter the link to the youtube video you want to download and follow the instructions. You MUST save the file as .flv extension. Dont forget it while using 'save target as'. You will get the video downloaded in FLV format. Use the flash video player (available here if you dont have one)to view the video. Enjoy.

4> Now if you are using firefox forget the first method.(You can get firefox in this blog itself. Its right there at the sidebar).Therz a super-easy way to do it.
Download this extension: (just abt 30 kb)


It gives a button at the bottom of ur browser window. type the link of the youtube video u want to download, in the addressbar and press enter. now, click on the button at the bottom of ur browser window. it starts downloading.

5> You can also youtube videos from other sites like javimoya

I am sure atleast one of these methoda will work for you.

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