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Tuesday, June 5, 2007



This is a completely free download of the Hide folders xp software.

Hide folders xp is a revolutionary third party software to completely hide folders/files in your system and password protect it. Its the best i have found after using folder lock, instant lock and a host of other softwares. Just in a click u can hide/unhide your folders with no irritating pop-ups. Just punch the hot key, type the password and your folders are hidden or unhidden as you wish. Once it is hidden they are in-accessible by any program/user unless you unlock it again.

The new version comes with an integration into windows xp sheel command that lets you hide your folders/files just by right clicking the file/folder you want to hide instead of starting the program all over. Right click, click hide and lock with hide folders xp, voila, your folders are hidden from all prying eyes. Its a free download, its cracked and its an essential computer software. So get it now.....

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Tommy said...

Can't it be used on Vista???

I currently use KaKa Folder Protector to hide folders for protection. It is completely compatible with Vista.

Guyinthemiddle said...

Does it have a hot key to hide and unhide folders? Hide Folders Xp too is completely compatible with vista.

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