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Monday, June 11, 2007

Platinax Forums


The following is a paid review of the Platinax Forums. The offer to write this review was brought to me third party site namely, ReviewMe. The Platinax forums are a group of Business forums providing free tips, advice, and networking to help small businesses and webmasters get the most out of the internet. Getting noticed around the net world is a strenuous task for every new developer. For small time entrepreneurs, the uphill task is how to grow their small businesses into money makers. All these concerns and much more are addressed in these forums.

Being among the scores of web forums around, the Platinax forums stand out from the rest mainly in its page content. Whether you are a small time entrepreneur or a web hosting specialist there is something in these forums that catches your eye. The standard of page content is quite good enough though there is a slight slack in the member’s involvement in some of the topics.

The forums are definitely user friendly and are less intimidating to anyone who visits it for first time. The administrator, Brian Turner, and others have done a good job in keeping the forums clean and to date. Overall, these forums have an optimistic feeling but the lack of members’ participation and lesser number of popular threads in some of the forums leads to a feeling that there is definitely scope for improvement here.

The threads under business, marketing and web development seems to be well attended and very authoritative. Small time businessmen can just browse the posts in these forums and pick up valuable opinions though it must be said that interest in them may vary with each visitor and what he is looking for. Almost all online business methods are touched in there including email marketing, SEO, blogging etc. In addition there are also tips to dealing with the design and development of your web pages. It is here that the vast knowledge of members’ is under utilized, yet most effective in action.

If you are someone with an innovative idea or need an idea to start of your own business these business forums from Platinax will certainly help you out. They are based in UK, though as net world goes, boundaries mean nothing. There is a lot of content in these forums that comes from knowledge base of a group of web masters but these forums could also do with some posts on dealing with some negative aspects of generating revenue online. Overall the forums seem to be well organized though a makeover in some graphics of the webpage could be suggested to give some color to the site. The lounge provides some relaxation and Brian Turner seems to be everywhere, His work is to be appreciated profusely in making Platinax forums a real solution to entrepreneur troubles and idea exchanges. Though these forums brim with knowledge a greater members base and participation would be much appreciated.

On a scale of 10, the forum easily bags an 8.

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