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Saturday, July 14, 2007

CSV Files

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The following is a paid review of the csv files type as outlined in the webpage at “csvreader.com”. CSV files or comma separated value file formats is a file type which is used to store tabular data and hence are used to transport data between companies or applications that are not directly connected. They have been in use for long that they support all computer platforms and this account for the versatility of these file types which use .csv extension. The page being reviewed here presents a comprehensive yet deep assessment of the csv files and its applications.

CSV file types are editable using common spreadsheet softwares like MS Excel and also UNIX style programs. The page goes on to explain in details how tabular data is accounted for using csv file format in Excel and a UNIX style program. The method of escaping a field containing comma in Excel is to use a double quote whereas UNIX style programs use slashes. Though the page gives a verbal illustration of both these escaping methods, it lacks a graphical representation of the escaping methods which could have been more helpful in conveying the idea.

The technical jargons are simplified enough in this webpage yet it leaves out the limitations to a csv file format, not that it is entirely necessary, but it would have made the information more complete. The csv file format is very simple to use and a “How to use csv files” would help in increasing the information content of the webpage.

Overall the webpage gives a very symmetric detail of CSV files yet a more graphical representation would have helped. Nevertheless it gives all that you need to know about the csv file format which is widely used as delimited data format. The page content deserves 7 out of 10.
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