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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Proton LED


The following is a paid review of the Proton LED. They are, in short,digital LED video displays for outdoor advertising. These have an ultra high definition displays with a very wide 140 degree viewing angle. These displays have a very high clarity and brightness which all transports to the fact that you can experience a display similar to a TV or video animation. These displays are available in many custom sizes and resolutions just to suit your needs. The good news is that these LED displays are affordable for even those on a lighter budget as it seems to be much cheaper than many of its counterparts.

An aluminium face cover ensures that you get to protect your display from severe winds and weather, and get back your money’s worth. Just seeing the animations on their websites create a feeling that customers will just be awed in by these displays. Though the site doesn’t provide all the details regarding the product, it does give an insight into the main features. The power to change the display by the owner can be done via internet and video anim’s can be uploaded and the display changed very easily. You can easily contact them via the website and get knowledge of the costs. Overall the company seems to live up to its motto of creating a reliable and solid product in creating this Proton LED displays. It gets an 8 easily. This is paid review via ReviewMe.

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