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Saturday, July 21, 2007


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As the name suggests, Simpleology, deals with getting your things done in a more efficient and simple manner. The Simpleology WebCockpit 1.0 is an internetised version of a book of the name Simpleology written by Mark Joyner. It’s fully automated, free, simple and above all, it actually works. I had come across it some weeks back and as I generally don’t believe in such personality development books, had been inclined to snub it. Then it came as a surprise to me that some of the things he explained actually seemed to be just the things I needed to get that jump in my walk back.

There is a Simpleology 101 and 102 courses. The first one is free and second comes for a price. But what you have to do with this Web 2.0 application is just go to Simpleology WebCockpit 1.0 site, sign up freely and try to work out the things it suggests. Some of them may seem outrageous or even outright negligible. But you know what? They are very much on the right side of things you need. All of them have scientific backing and are sketched out very methodically. You won’t get bored up with this thing because it’s actually very interactive and written with a nice sense of humour.

See, the real thing Simpleology is not the methods or tasks it asks you to do. It’s about looking at your life from another angle and seeing things that you have been missing out. It just glides along smoothly with your day to day life but at the same time you realize the mistakes that you have been neglecting all along. Just one of his simple body hacks of drinking enough water can make you sit and think. You may laugh at that one now but not after reading what Simpleology offers you.

Though it’s widely acclaimed, I found it a little nagging that it’s a little too bent on selling the actual product. They offer a 30 day trial first though. But all that is understandable as one ploughs on through the material offered. Overall, anyone would be satisfied with the service offered. Simpleology gets an overall 8 out of 10.

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