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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


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You have a hectic schedule and you need a calendar with your schedule, to be accessible from anywhere, not only to you, but also to others who you permit. First of all you can create your own calendar in Outlook, but how to make it available in a browser anywhere or in a mobile? The answer is SyncMyCal. A very reliable program that synchronizes between your Outlook calendar and the Google CalendarTM calendaring system. Now this is what you needed to save that extra bit of time that you spend organizing your calendars.

What GCal Outlook Sync does is it adds a simple toolbar to your Outlook and a single click in this toolbar image ALIGN=toolbar allows you to co-relate between your Outlook and Google calendars. It comes with a variety of features. Selecting which calendars to synchronize, publishing it to Google calendar and then allowing family members or colleagues to access them etc are just some of them. There is also all new SyncMyCal mobile which allows you to access the calendars from your mobile device.

This one also finds a variety of uses in a business sense when team members can edit their outlook calendar, synchronize it with SyncMyCal and then all members can view it in common Google calendar system. You can synchronize any number of events and move the calendars between Outlook and Google calendar service.

They offer two packages-one free and other for a price. The free version comes with the auto synchronization feature disabled and the synchronization date range limited to 7 days. The other version is not very costly though, priced only at 25$.

It’s compatible with Outlook 2007 and Vista. The limitation is that synchronization is possible only between Outlook and Google calendars. But that is mitigated as both of them are the most commonly used and free. Overall GCal Outlook Sync syncmycal imageis a good program, even to buy, to tidy up your valuable time. It is rated 8 on a scale of 10.

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