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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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                                                       TrackStudio Enterprise is a unique hierarchical issue tracking and bug tracking system. In short it means that, it is a powerful system for tracking defects and issue management. It does exactly what you want with it if you are an employer looking to improve your developers’ productivity. This software based on Java is rated highly in performance and efficiency in doing what it is meant to do, bringing out the best in your organization.

The main pro of this product, which its developers bring up, is its ability to breakdown tasks hierarchically. This essentially means that you will be able to break
up those not-so-easy tasks into smaller workable tasks and deal with them in a more efficient manner. This they claim to be a big leap over other competitors and in truth, it really does seems so. But everything depends on whether the system will work as well on a multitude of tasks. The facts all suggests so. This system also has the features of a well manipulated security system giving security a top priority. It also allows organizations to work with a large database of users and staff using a matrix project management. This feature brings together professionals skilled in a particular field together. This is supported by other issue management systems as well but track studio enterprise scores over them as it allows departmental as well as user hierarchy.

The program also allows for global business management with “support for localization, internationalization, various character encodings, and time zones”, according to their website. It has been extensively tested. Overall it seems just that touch up your organization needed badly. Based on all the features given, its pricing seems reasonable enough. It is aimed at big organizations where bug tracking and issue management is a big task and hence smaller companies may look for a cheaper solution. TrackStudio Enterprise gets an overall rating of 9 out of 10.

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