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Saturday, August 11, 2007

0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards- A Review

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Are you an avid user of credit cards? Well, nowadays who isn’t? The site AskMrCreditcard.com deals with all the common issues of using credit cards. A new post by him tells us that best 0% balance transfer credit card depends on balance transfer fees. Now, the 0% balance transfer credit card is a very lucrative offer by credit card issuers. The post points out a major catch by the issuers when they remove the cap on the maximum balance transfer fees on 0% apr deals.

When banks offer 0% balance transfer credit cards and you are confused which is the best option, check in to http://www.askmrcreditcard.com/ and look up his post. He pictures in detail the hidden catch by which banks milk their customers on 0% balance transfer credit cards. It’s all very plainly written and good enough for a newbie or a regular plastic money user. He also gives a review of the various credit cards and their pros and cons, with Citibank credit cards getting a definite thumbs up.

The post is well written and regularly updated too. He gives suggestions as to the best card to choose from and to shy away from the lucrative catch of “removing maximum on transfer fees” that some banks use. So, read thoroughly and make your choice. Your money, after all is certainly valuable.

So check in today to “best 0% balance transfer credit card depends on balance transfer fees”, read the post and improve on your credit card expertise. The rich site content gets 8 out of 10.

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