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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Flight Simulator

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Flight simulators have become very popular among netizens in recent years due to the thrill of experiencing aviation at home. The Flight Simulator community provides all the add-ons, videos, downloads and a huge knowledge base for flight sim fans all over the world. It is basically a place for all flight simulator users to hang out, share their knowledge, download high quality stuff and much more.

The main attraction here is the knowledge base which provides answers to all your queries- whether you are newbie or a pro. It already has a good base of flight simmers, so anyone can find their type among them. It seems very well attended to. The downloads section has, as I already stated, a large number of good quality add-ons for free and also some for sale. Downloads section will keep you plugged in for quite some time as I found out.

The site offers a lot of stuff including quizzes, forums and a very good to browse screenshot gallery. You can upload your own screenshots there. The knowledge database can be very easily searched and answers found for your troubles. These guys at Flight Simulator have put in a lot of work to make it a worthy one to look around for. Registering is pretty easy and then every flight sim fan can feel at home there.

The site seems neatly arranged enough but its clustered with a little too many ads, but now-a-days which site isn’t?. But still, they could do with a little bit lesser ads. They also have good products for sale and some scathing reviews on flight simulation. So is you are a flight sim fan, don’t wait, go sign up at Flight Simulator and have a worthy look around.

The site scores an overall 8 out of 10. This review is in association with ReviewMe.

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