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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pipeline Software

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Coler & Colantonio, Inc’s Intrepid Pipeline Solution is a seamless solution to all your pipeline problems whether its in a multi storey apartment or a penthouse. Now they have developed a Pipeline Software based on their huge knowledge base and expertise. It comprises almost all you could ask for from a modern pipeline software.

To start with it gives detailed mapping for complex data management as in a high rise apartment. Their software is written with C++ and C#.NET. It includes a fully stable functional software designed to manage complex pipeline solutions. Whatever be your need and level of expertise you want, their Pipeline Software can provide it for you.

Modern pipeline softwares are designed to give the best possible solution to pipeliners in constructing, maintaining and using major pipeline operations. They need a regular management and versatility. These problems are more than attended to in Intrepid’s Pipeline Software.

Intrepid’s Pipeline Software is workable with a casual observer as well as with a regular pipeliner. Their one liner says it all “Our system is built for pipe liners by pipe liners”. This pipeline software makes the translation from other softwares before used and new implementation of technology very easy. They also provide a good consultancy service for all your problems and needs.

The price of the software is not specified which is not uncommon now-a-days but an email to their consultancy services would provide that information. Overall, the service offered as pipeline software seems pretty well developed for its field. Moreover, they have got a top 10 Google page rating!

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