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Thursday, August 9, 2007


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Can’t get your pics to fit into WebPages? Want to crop out others from your photos? And moreover, wanna do all this online with just a few clicks?...Well, all these and more are answered when you resize pictures with resizr. You can resize it as big or as small as you wish. All you need is browse and find the file from your pc, or know the URL of the image. Then you can easily customize the image sizes, rotate them and crop them, all with resizr.

Resizr is basically an easy solution to your primary image editing needs made available to you anytime anyplace with a few clicks. It’s pretty easy and straight forward. What if you wanted quickly to get a pic of yours cut out from a pic posted on the net. Just go to resizr, type in the url of the image, and in the page that follows, crop yourself out of the image, resize it, rotate it and save the image file in jpg, png or gif. The first one is common but the other two are for higher level editing.

When you resize pictures with resizr, it comes with a lot of choices too. You can specify the size of the resized image, have it send to your cell for FREE, get the myspace codes for the images, html link to those images and much more. Well, they can host your images for some time though they don’t guarantee image hosting forever. Rest assured, the pics will be there long enough for you to save them somewhere else.

I liked the look and simplicity of the site with its down to earth approach. Well, it’s a very good site to keep in mind, for you never know when the need will arise for you to enlarge a good pic. They allow easy bookmarking also. Keep it in mind. Resize pictures with resizr. The site gets an overall 8 for the service.

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