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Wednesday, August 29, 2007



Your own personal customized online journal.

Yup, that’s what Thoughts.com is all about. A Personal Online Journal where you can ramble on about anything you are interested in. Of Course, there are a lot of blogging platforms now-a-days from which you can publish your own blog. What makes Thoughts.com different is the multitude of features that it allows for its members and furthermore, all that are free.

To start with, Thoughts allows its users all the basic things for a blog like publishing blog posts, uploading images, uploading videos, sharing podcasts etc. Indeed their post editing and publishing is pretty quick and does not have any annoying warnings. You can share your views, thoughts and get your own personal blog address.

In addition to this, Thoughts allows its users to rate each other and send instant messages between members. You can also chat on the forums and provide feedback. Moreover, thoughts have an effective way of finding out new blogs for users like popular blogs, random one’s etc which leads to more interaction within its members unlike some other blog hosting sites. There is also a sidebar with popular tags, a search function and community forums. All these make Thoughts an ideal platform for tech savvy bloggers.

Although Thoughts is still in a beta stage, it shows great promise and I liked its overall look and feel. All neat and simple. There is a verification code process for every post or photo that you post which could get annoying but it prevents the spammers, don’t they? They also give out some attractive prizes that’s the icing on the cake.

One problem is the way the blog addresses are given out. It’s like thoughts.com/username/blog unlike the sub domain names given in blogger.com. Well, one could argue it provides more authenticity, but wouldn’t it be better the other way? But so far, so good. I am tempted to move livewares over to Thoughts just to see the change. While I am brooding on the idea why don’t you people go and check out the place Thoughts to create your Personal Online Journal.

Thoughts.com get an overall rating of 8 out of 10.

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