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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Halloween Costumes by Franklin Sports

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Looking for some different Halloween costumes this time year around? Surprise your kids by getting them some cool NFL uniform set from Franklin sports which also works great as crazy Halloween Costumes. In case you are wondering what both of them have in common, let me tell you, these uniform sets make for some of the most outrageous Halloween costumes. You can buy the whole uniform set and much more online Nfluniformset.com.

Small and medium sized uniform sets are available with your favourite NFL team logo printed on them, a helmet with foam padding, face mask, and adjustable chin straps. There are, of course, a double knit polyester team jersey and polyester pants with elastic waistband and cuffs. These uniform sets come with a complete set of 0-9 iron on numbers so that you can change being a quarterback, running back or kicker as you wish.

All these come at a relatively low price of 39.99 dollars which considering all the above is a fair price. You can also buy a pair of shoulder blades outside the uniform set and have them both shipped together. They provide shipping anywhere within United States at different rates, with $5 ground shipping, depending on the days needed for shipping. There are also a wide variety of products to go through and while choosing you are also choosing a nice Halloween Costumes.

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