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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

NFL Uniform Sets


Supporting the Arizona Cardinals or the Jacksonville Jaguars? Whomever you are pinning for, you could certainly do with a complete uniform set of your favourite NFL team and in turn, collect some cool merchandise that could possibly double as great Halloween Costume too. These kids uniform sets comes in two size ranges of small and medium and are fully customizable. They can be viewed and purchased quite easily with just a few clicks of your mouse at nfluniformset.com.

An NFL uniform set comes complete with polyester jerseys and pants which are of very high quality, an NFL helmet with foam padding, face mask and adjustable chin straps and cool iron on numbers from 0 to 9 to completely customize your uniform set. These uniform sets come at a comparatively lower price of $39.99 with an optional shoulder pads to buy separately for $9.99. Franklin Sports are a pioneer in this field of sports uniform sets and they live upto their word with these high quality NFL uniform sets. These can also be comfortably used this year around for crazy new Halloween Costume.

Online buying is all the more safe at Franklin sports with their hacker protection updated each day. So if you are ready to collect come cool NFL merchandise.

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