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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

WinRar Crystal edition Full v3.42


                                                   WinRAR is a 32-bit Windows version of RAR Archiver, an archiver and archive manager. RAR files can usually compress content by 8 percent to 15 percent more than ZIP files can. WinRAR's main features include strong general and multimedia compression, the ability to process non-RAR archive formats, ZIP compression and decompression, support for long filenames, programmable self-extracting archives (SFX), repair of damaged archives, authenticity verification, embedded file comments, and encryption.

Unicode is supported in archive filenames, allowing non-English filenames to be handled painlessly. You can manipulate the parameters of many archives at once and view a volume sequence as a single archive. WinRAR can convert other archive formats to RAR and search for specified text and files in archives.

A great improvement on icons and feel too. Nice cool graphics to boost your use  with winrar crystal edition.



Replay Music- Save Streaming Audio

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could make MP3s from online radio stations, MySpace, Music Videos, Digital Music Services, or anywhere else, automatically? With the artist, album, song and genre placed into the file for you? You can with Replay Music! Replay Music is a unique streaming music recorder that allows you to capture MP3 files from any streaming source.

Every song is saved on your PC as a high quality MP3 file, automatically tagged with the artist, song title, album and genre, and perfectly separated into individual tracks. You can even burn songs directly to CDs, or copy them to your iPod or MP3 Player. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use. What a great way to discover new music!

Get all your streaming audios saved safely in a single place.

GET Replay Music Full HERE

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Rapidshare CMS Grabber

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Ultimate tool for fast s from RapidShare free service. Did you know that first version of this program was used by more than 500,000 people ! You can still find the first release somewhere on the internet.

RapidShare.de and RapidShare.com download tool.

Bypasses download limitations. Download multiple files at once. Download even more than with premium !

No more download limits.

New features:
- Huawei ADSL Router/Modem control tool -- with this you can quickly renew your IP and continue to download from rapidshare without waiting.
- Overrides RapidShare limitations by using proxy servers


Friday, October 5, 2007

N70 Music Edition Phone As Webcam


Links Updated! again... Enjoy

Use your Nokia N70 phone as a webcam for your pc. Follow the steps below and start using the N70 as a versatile mobile-webcam.

Turn your Symbian OS phone into USB web camera and throw away your USB WebCam.Very simple in configuration and installation, Mobiola Web Camera 1.0 consists of two pieces - client application that resides on the phone and web camera PC receive video feed from the web camera. Have your web camera handy and always with you wherever you go and forget about wires.

Use the serial provided alongwith the download.

The picture quality is good , hope it is good enough for you.

“Just A Thought” For your Brain

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In case you have been wondering as I have begun lately about the uniqueness of life and all the complexities of life, you will find, Just a Thought, which is a blog by David Woon quite interesting. It’s a quite random blog but when you read between the lines there are some useful tips hidden there and some knockout tips too. Ranging from quantum mechanics (yeah! I know, but it was interesting though) to how to surprise your love, he goes on reminiscing about anything and everything. What I liked particularly about his blog was its simple and down to earth design, with enough techno stuff like the headline animators, and the very few ads.

Like every other random blog, he gives us some tips on money saving and spending too. But its not all riff raff like others, you can see the logic, though it may seem a touch difficult to follow in real life. In retrospect, have you ever known there is a possible relation between quantum mechanics and religion?? Well, David Woon tells us there is. One bad thought I came across was the unnatural short nature of some of his posts and the not so sensitive use of highlighting colors.

Overall, it’s a very interesting read and certainly a blog to be bookmarked. Just have a look at his umpteen posts listed there and you will feel that you are in for some nice thoughts for your brain this time around. So, have a look, it won’t bite, Just a Thought.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

AcdSee 9.0 Photo Manager

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ACDSee9.0 - the most powerful photo manager around is now even faster. Way faster. No other photo software saves you so much time. Enjoy the freedom to find, organize and edit your photos faster, easier and with better results than ever before. Instantly share your pictures online or on your cell phone. Create quality prints or Flash and PDF slideshows.

Lock up your special photos with Private folders!! in ACDSee 9.0

Update::GET ACDSee 9.0 PhotoManager HERE

It's hard to believe that managing digital images can be so quick and easy, but with ACDSee, it is. As a media browser for your Windows® folder system, ACDSee's superfast navigation pane lets you browse and view your picture collections right away. Compare multiple images side-by-side. Save time and select photo files by criteria. Or see all your images at once. ACDSee digital photo software supports over 50 popular photo and multimedia formats.

update::"We are still keeping the download of ACDSee 7.0 powerpack ON because it has the ACDSee photoeditor which has worked as a great program."

ACDsee foto editor lets you edit photos in a swish and brighten them, emboss them, solarise and a many other new effects. Take screen shots, capture from scanner and much more.

ACDSee fotocanvas lets you develop your photos according to the cool built in templates and store and print them.

Widen your scope of image editing with the new ACDSee Power Pack full

GET ACDSee 7.0 Powerpack here

Branding Blog

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                                                I was searching for some nice branding ideas when I hit upon this nice looking blog from Brand Identity Guru shortened as BIG. What this Branding Blog offers you a lot of ideas and techniques on branding while picking up some useful examples of what the right type of branding can do to your product. They have some what they call “the good, bad and the ugly” of branding analysed on their blog. Well, all that seems nice and neat,but couldn’t they do with some actual links to the examples they were referring. That is, of course, their own blog and they have a not too scarce links linking back to their site itself. But the audience could also have appreciated the work better with some outside the BIG links too.

To the matter at hand, the analysis and review of the brands concerned is done a very professional and straight to the point manner, with a pinch of serio-comicness (yeah, that’s a new word I picked up yesterday), and all within the grasp of a beginner as well. Especially some of the tips on search engine optimization and getting your brand on top 10 for a particular phrase are all very well brought out. That really shows the tip of the iceberg, and what is in store for you if you take the help of BIG in marketing your product.

Well, I liked it folks and have started implementing some of those branding techniques too. So if you want some motivation in branding, BIG’s Branding Blog is the right place to go.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Windows Live Password Recovery

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                                    Oh god, I have forgotten it again! You would have said those words at least once if you are a regular email user. Well, here is help if that is a hotmail or windows live password. There is this cool password recovery software available for a free download with which you can recover you forgotten hotmail or msn messenger or windows live messenger passwords. This software works if you have checked the “remember me” while using the messenger. Windows Live Password Recovery provides you this software free of cost and its decoder will “find, decrypt & recover Windows Live passwords that were saved by Windows Live Messenger on your PC under the current login.” Well, even if you have uninstalled your messenger still there is a definite chance that you can recover your lost password.

Well, there is a thin line between legally using this software and its illegal use. You are prohibited to use it illegally, but as anything else, there is no possible way to check it. So if you download and use Windows Live Password Recovery, make sure you do it for a rightful purpose. Actually I made a new hotmail id and downloaded the software and worked on it. AVG doesn’t find anything suspicious with the software and you know what, it actually worked! It came up with the hidden password in pretty quick time. So I think, you would also find use with this software in near future. After all, it’s a free software right? So there it is Windows Live Password Recovery in a single click.

Baseball Gloves

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Gloves? High Quality? Affordable price?? And above all, Baseball Gloves? Well kidspotsinc.com is the perfect place to buy your kids some nice smashing Baseball Gloves of a supreme quality. This site is from Franklin Sports, a leader in the field of sports equipment manufacturing. And, these baseball gloves look so good even in a thumbnail preview. There are gloves of various colours, sizes, suiting right handed and left handed throwers, all ready to play types, and some of them with an unique infinite web design for greater catching ability.

Especially some of their youth baseball gloves like the 4626 Ready to play baseball glove is quite interesting. It uses Infinite Web™ Series technology and a supple leather and quality stitching give these gloves much better feel and fit. These result in increased baseball skills and catching and throwing abilities. There are also gloves of pigskin series and these are all priced very affordably around $20. There are a lot of gloves to choose from and you may find it difficult to choose a particular one.

Franklins Sports also provides to you baseball bats, base sets, street hockey goals and much more. They are shipped to you at$10 flat rate shipping. Baseball Gloves are presented to you at a very competitive price and you can browse freely and buy securely the items provided to you. Jump in and start shopping…..

Monday, October 1, 2007

Soccer Equipments

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Do you need some Soccer Goals and nets to hone up your pro soccer skills? Whether you are practicing in your backyard or in a soccer field, you could always do with some of these high quality soccer goals and equipments. They come in a variety of sizes and ranges. All these items are very competitively priced and performs a lot of functions in your practicing pro football. For example, Portable Backyard Tournament Soccer Goal from Franklin sports is 6-ft high by 12-ft wide and uses high quality galvanized steel tubing and fits and unfits very easily. You could set them up as easily as anything and start practicing soccer in your free time.

In case you haven’t heard, free style shooting in football can greatly increase the accuracy of a player. Constant practice leads to the make up of a good player. Not only professionally, if you want to play soccer just for fun, these equipments could easily serve as handy ones for short soccer matches. There are also ball rebounders with you never having to run for another ball again. These soccer goals are extremely portable and can fit into a small carry bag.

Franklins sports also provide street hockey nets, soccer backstops and a youth training kit. Choose the right Soccer Goals and start shooting right away. The items will be shipped to you at a $10 flat rate shipping.

Cool Baseball Equipments

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Franklin Sports presents to you a huge range of Baseball Equipment in their hot new website kidsportsinc.com. Whether you need is a basic baseball training kit or some power bats for your kids you can find them all there. These equipments are of supreme quality and comes from Franklin Sports, a pioneer in the field of making sports equipments. There are also some cool baseball gloves, portable pitching machines and much more for sale to boost your kids’ baseball skills.

These Baseball Equipments make for great outdoor fun activities and are available at a very competitive pricing. The power baseball bats come with a rubber foam barrel for ultimate hitting power and a patented adjust-a-hit technology that twists and fits in different size ranges of the bat to suit your hitting needs. You may not have any notions about buying from their sites as they are certified hacker safe and have a 5 star rating in yahoo customer care survey. Kids as well as youth batting gloves are available on a wide range having a variety of materials and advantages. Franklin Player Classic III Adult Batting Glove Medium Pair Pack offers small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

There are also batting practice equipments, bat and ball sets, base sets, equipment bags and much more. In short all the Baseball Equipment you need to play baseball like a pro is in there. So, choose your pick, ship them to you at $5 ground shipping charge and start swinging.

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