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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Branding Blog

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                                                I was searching for some nice branding ideas when I hit upon this nice looking blog from Brand Identity Guru shortened as BIG. What this Branding Blog offers you a lot of ideas and techniques on branding while picking up some useful examples of what the right type of branding can do to your product. They have some what they call “the good, bad and the ugly” of branding analysed on their blog. Well, all that seems nice and neat,but couldn’t they do with some actual links to the examples they were referring. That is, of course, their own blog and they have a not too scarce links linking back to their site itself. But the audience could also have appreciated the work better with some outside the BIG links too.

To the matter at hand, the analysis and review of the brands concerned is done a very professional and straight to the point manner, with a pinch of serio-comicness (yeah, that’s a new word I picked up yesterday), and all within the grasp of a beginner as well. Especially some of the tips on search engine optimization and getting your brand on top 10 for a particular phrase are all very well brought out. That really shows the tip of the iceberg, and what is in store for you if you take the help of BIG in marketing your product.

Well, I liked it folks and have started implementing some of those branding techniques too. So if you want some motivation in branding, BIG’s Branding Blog is the right place to go.

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