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Friday, October 5, 2007

“Just A Thought” For your Brain

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In case you have been wondering as I have begun lately about the uniqueness of life and all the complexities of life, you will find, Just a Thought, which is a blog by David Woon quite interesting. It’s a quite random blog but when you read between the lines there are some useful tips hidden there and some knockout tips too. Ranging from quantum mechanics (yeah! I know, but it was interesting though) to how to surprise your love, he goes on reminiscing about anything and everything. What I liked particularly about his blog was its simple and down to earth design, with enough techno stuff like the headline animators, and the very few ads.

Like every other random blog, he gives us some tips on money saving and spending too. But its not all riff raff like others, you can see the logic, though it may seem a touch difficult to follow in real life. In retrospect, have you ever known there is a possible relation between quantum mechanics and religion?? Well, David Woon tells us there is. One bad thought I came across was the unnatural short nature of some of his posts and the not so sensitive use of highlighting colors.

Overall, it’s a very interesting read and certainly a blog to be bookmarked. Just have a look at his umpteen posts listed there and you will feel that you are in for some nice thoughts for your brain this time around. So, have a look, it won’t bite, Just a Thought.

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