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Monday, December 10, 2007

Review and Get Paid- ReviewMe reviewed


Do you have a blog or website that is to be monetized? The best way available now-a-days is to use Google adsense. But, as I found out in this blog, adsense can be as unpredictable as anything when it comes to pay out. You could be waiting for that cheque when the announcement comes that you have been banned. You are given no reasons, just plain denial of what you had rightly earned. Well, now there is a much more easier and surer platform of monetizing your blog/website. ReviewMe

The idea of writing reviews of websites that matches your blog’s content and getting some bucks in return, can surely be fascinating. That’s exactly what ReviewMe does for you. The process is simple. You submit your blog’s URL to ReviewMe, then your blog undergoes a screening process and your blog’s value is determined. Based on your google rating and traffic rate, your blog could be rated as high as 50$ per review or on an average around 20$ per review. Next you wait for the review offers to pour in.

Once you get a review offer from a concerned advertiser, you can accept or deny it. Once you accept it you will be provided a deadline within which you have to submit a URL of the review you have written about the advertiser’s site. For the work a few hours you could earn what would have taken almost a month with adsense.

The key point here is your blog should have enough traffic so that your initial review offer is sufficiently high. You could start with 5$ per review and climb up or you could get an offer of a 50$ review straightaway. Again it depends on your blog’s ratings. Once your blog is accepted, there are many reviews waiting to be written that will keep the money pouring in. You could also subscribe for their live RSS feed that will alert you the moment you get a review offer.

Also the deadline you see before accepting a review is no the actual deadline. You would have to submit the review URL much sooner than that and be prepared for that. ReviewMe cancels your URL submission page once you reaches the deadline shown. You will get on an average 2-4 days to write a review. They pay you via paypal or cheque on the first of every month, provided you have a minimum of 25$ to be paid.

I have found ReviewMe a very good money source and a good platform to start the monetizing your blog with. Also you could get your blog reviewed by other bloggers around the world using ReviewMe advertiser feature.

So if your blog is ready to be monetized go sign up at ReviewMe

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