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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Windows Live Password Recovery

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                                    Oh god, I have forgotten it again! You would have said those words at least once if you are a regular email user. Well, here is help if that is a hotmail or windows live password. There is this cool password recovery software available for a free download with which you can recover you forgotten hotmail or msn messenger or windows live messenger passwords. This software works if you have checked the “remember me” while using the messenger. Windows Live Password Recovery provides you this software free of cost and its decoder will “find, decrypt & recover Windows Live passwords that were saved by Windows Live Messenger on your PC under the current login.” Well, even if you have uninstalled your messenger still there is a definite chance that you can recover your lost password.

Well, there is a thin line between legally using this software and its illegal use. You are prohibited to use it illegally, but as anything else, there is no possible way to check it. So if you download and use Windows Live Password Recovery, make sure you do it for a rightful purpose. Actually I made a new hotmail id and downloaded the software and worked on it. AVG doesn’t find anything suspicious with the software and you know what, it actually worked! It came up with the hidden password in pretty quick time. So I think, you would also find use with this software in near future. After all, it’s a free software right? So there it is Windows Live Password Recovery in a single click.

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