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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Boston IT Consulting

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iCorps is an IT consulting firm providing technical solutions including network integrations, web based applications, web designing and much more for small scale as well as medium scale business ventures. iCorps, a Boston IT Consulting and a pioneer in the field of comprehensive IT outsourcing, strains to provide yourself and your customers with practical, cost effective IT services and solutions. They are based at NY and Boston, and hence is more concentrated towards business ventures around those regions. But, that won’t provide s problem in providing IT solutions as for outsourcing distance is never a major factor. What the end product is the only thing that matters isn’t it? And iCorps seems to have a good reputation in this field as a reputed Boston IT Consulting firm.

Technical expertise is of high level, it seems, at iCorps, with expertise available in scripting including JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, CGI, Perl, Visual InterDev, Visual Studio, Allaire Homesite, Allaire Cold Fusion, XML, and DHTML. What I found interesting is their page on web designing. If you are someone looking to project your reputation around the world by building a comprehensive website on your company, iCorps, can help you. They also provide a multi platform web hosting solution as well, with flexibility and high-bandwidth and feature redundant levels of security, off-site data back-ups, and 24/7 remote monitoring. Sounds interesting huh?

Well, a very good IT outsourcing firm overall, it seems. I did some google-ing in the meantime, and iCorps ranks in the top ten for Boston IT solutions, Information Technology outsourcing but couldn’t locate them in ‘Comprehensive It outsourcing’ which by the way seems to be their slogan. Lastly, you can get a direct Quote, if you provide them with the particulars of your company and they provide a one click assistance too. Do check out this Boston IT Consulting firm, iCorps.

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