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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

CSV Reader

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Keen followers of this blog may remember the first time a review was posted on this blog was about CSV files and their effectiveness. Well, we have come a far way from that, but here is another review, of a stream based for CSV (Comma separated value) files to be used in .Net framework. In computer language, a parser is a program, usually part of a compiler that receives input in the form of sequential source program instructions, interactive online commands, markup tags, or some other defined interface and breaks them up into parts that can then be managed by other programs. The stream based Excel Parser provided here is highly reliable and accurate and is used widely by coders to integrate excel, CSV and xml data into their applications.

The code provided in this Excel Parser have been thoroughly tested which eliminates all bugs and the website provides sample codes for you to check them out.

The Excel Parser provided by csvreader.com comes loaded with many useful features for reading, writing and bulk loading of CSV files, eliminating necessity of office for reading excel spreadsheet files and much more.

The parsing technique used is optimized for efficiency with the standard CSV file specifications. The data streams Excel Parser is an excellent tool for those developers working in .Net and java.

Prices and more download information is provided along with in their website, csvreader.com.

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