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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

FitnessBliss Bells

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Hey you fitness freaks out there.... This one is especially for you. Have you been thinking about creating some new eye catching, body muscle building dumbbell exercises? Here is a software that actually supplements and improves your dumbbell work out routines. Now you don’t have to look around for trainers or spend hours planning your dumbbell exercises. This software comes with all you need as far as I can see to make you work out properly.

Every dumbbell exercise is depicted clearly by nice sketches as shown in their home site FitnessBliss Bells. All you need a set of dumbbells and a workout bench to start working out your routines. This software lets you create your routine, make instant print outs and get a detailed day by day workout routine. There are a large number of dumbbell exercises to choose from in the software and it lets you have all the tools needed to easily create and manipulate your workout routines.

There is a free demo version available with limitations which I downloaded and man, working with the software is a breeze. I liked that day by day accurate planning and the variety of dumbbell exercises that they provided with. They have exercises made out for specific sports and some designed to improve specific areas of your body.

Overall, if you work out regularly, this is a very handy software to have and you can check all the details you need about it at FitnessBliss Bells. Ready for some action?

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