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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Microsoft Visual Studio 6 Enterprise Edition

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Rapidly build business solutions using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, the complete enterprise development tool suite. Winner of the PC Magazine Technical Excellence Award, as well as the PC Computing MVP Award, Visual Studio allows you to build scalable applications for Windows® and the Web that easily integrate with existing systems.

The Visual Studio 6.0 development suite sets the standard for developer productivity and comprehensive design support with integrated features across all the popular languages. Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition includes the complete set of development tools for building reusable applications in Microsoft Visual Basic® 6.0, Visual C++® 6.0, Visual J++® 6.0, or Visual FoxPro® 6.0. Visual InterDev 6.0 provides easy integration with the Internet and a full Web page authoring environment.

In addition Visual Studio Enterprise Edition adds extensive support for large systems and distributed applications. It offers additional features, including enterprise database development and design tools, team development support, development life cycle support, and development and test versions of the Microsoft BackOffice® family of application servers.

To take advantage of the latest capabilities for developing Windows 2000 and mobile computing applications, Visual Studio 6.0 now includes the Windows 2000 Developer's Readiness Kit and the freely redistributable, SQL Server 7.0-compatible Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) for mobile applications.

  • Get a head start with the Windows 2000 Developer's Readiness Kit, including essential developer resources and training. In addition, Build highly reliable, self-repairing applications using the new Visual Studio Installer.

  • Assemble components in any language. Includes versions of all the award winning Microsoft Visual Tools, enabling developers to build component-based solutions. Includes: Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, Visual InterDev, Visual J++, Visual SourceSafe, and BackOffice Server Developer Edition.

  • Create enterprise database and mobile database solutions. Use Visual Data tools to, create, point-and-click database diagrams, and design Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. In addition, deploy the freely redistributable Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) as part of your application.

  • Manage the development lifecycle with ease. Design efficient application architectures using the Microsoft Visual Modeler. Maximize productivity with visual development environments that allow for drag-and-drop components, customizable menus and toolbars, property windows, and custom macro support. Leverage your knowledge base from tool to tool-all the development environments in Visual Studio share a common look and feel.

  • Use "end-to-end" visual debugging across languages, including client- and server-side debugging, with point-and-click breakpoints, drag-and-drop watch windows, and multiple call stacks. Reduce deployment costs with package and deployment wizards for the automatic deployment of applications and components to both client and server computers. Optimize application performance with the Visual Studio Analyzer, a graphical tool for analyzing distributed application performance.


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