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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Family Keylogger

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Well, it’s what it says, an invisible-to-all keylogger which records all the keystrokes made from your keyboard. A keylogger, for those newbies out there is a program that when installed and run on your pc records all that is typed in from your keyboard, and may send it to a remote location or reveal itself to someone with the right access codes. Usually its part of the toolkit of many hackers out there, but this one, as its name implies is for potential family use and parental control.

Since its use is unrestricted, once you install this Family Keylogger on your shared computer, you can see what your son/daughter/spouse/employee type in while they are on your computer and see their online activities as well as sense potential harm coming your way. You can also use this Family Keylogger as an unusual, but effective tool, when your computer freezes while you are typing an important document in your word processor and you are unable to save your work. Using this keylogger you can retrieve data up to that moment when your computer hung up on you.

The Family Keylogger available here is the trial version for 21 days, but you can order the full version anytime from their site for a reasonable price of 28 bucks. But, before you download, be sure to read their disclaimer which states some obvious but important facts.

The program is rich in features with ability to go itself into stealth mode where in it hides itself from the task manager processes, msconfig, ad/remove programs, and start shortcuts, making it virtually untraceable in your computer. Only the keystrokes that you have set will reveal it again and then you can see all the keystrokes made from your computer. One possible demerit is that it does not list an option for sending the stored information to a remote location, say an email id, for monitoring while you are away from your computer.

Well, an essential spy tool, the Family Keylogger.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Bubblenator

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Well, as the name suggests, this is a pretty good tweak to add interesting talk and thought bubbles to otherways boring pictures. You can do it to any image on the net, you can add bubbles online and get code to link to the new images so that you can put those images in myspace, orkut or anywhere that supports html. The Bubblenator is provided to you as a pass time in online-casinos.com, but you can edit your images pretty quickly to something interesting using this online tool. You need to know the URL of the image you want to edit. Rest is quite simple for anyone from layman to a pro.

You can view The Bubblenator here. Paste or type in the image address in the text area provided there. Pick any pic you like. Then follow the steps shown there. You can add up to a maximum of three talk or thought bubbles, whichever you like, edit its sizes and its content online, then get the code for the new edited image. Well, they put a link back to their site in the code for the image, but since they host the image for free, it’s not too bad after all.

You can add crazy captions to the images and then paste the code back to your blog or website and be done with it. Much like this one here.

Well, The Bubblenator, for quick online caption addition to your images.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


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success image

You have just submitted an online comment/request to our team at Livewares. A confirmation email has been sent to your email id.

Your request will be reviewed and action, if any, will be taken ASAP.

Meanwhile continue browsing through Livewares. for the best softwares' free downloads.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Review and Get Paid- ReviewMe reviewed


Do you have a blog or website that is to be monetized? The best way available now-a-days is to use Google adsense. But, as I found out in this blog, adsense can be as unpredictable as anything when it comes to pay out. You could be waiting for that cheque when the announcement comes that you have been banned. You are given no reasons, just plain denial of what you had rightly earned. Well, now there is a much more easier and surer platform of monetizing your blog/website. ReviewMe

The idea of writing reviews of websites that matches your blog’s content and getting some bucks in return, can surely be fascinating. That’s exactly what ReviewMe does for you. The process is simple. You submit your blog’s URL to ReviewMe, then your blog undergoes a screening process and your blog’s value is determined. Based on your google rating and traffic rate, your blog could be rated as high as 50$ per review or on an average around 20$ per review. Next you wait for the review offers to pour in.

Once you get a review offer from a concerned advertiser, you can accept or deny it. Once you accept it you will be provided a deadline within which you have to submit a URL of the review you have written about the advertiser’s site. For the work a few hours you could earn what would have taken almost a month with adsense.

The key point here is your blog should have enough traffic so that your initial review offer is sufficiently high. You could start with 5$ per review and climb up or you could get an offer of a 50$ review straightaway. Again it depends on your blog’s ratings. Once your blog is accepted, there are many reviews waiting to be written that will keep the money pouring in. You could also subscribe for their live RSS feed that will alert you the moment you get a review offer.

Also the deadline you see before accepting a review is no the actual deadline. You would have to submit the review URL much sooner than that and be prepared for that. ReviewMe cancels your URL submission page once you reaches the deadline shown. You will get on an average 2-4 days to write a review. They pay you via paypal or cheque on the first of every month, provided you have a minimum of 25$ to be paid.

I have found ReviewMe a very good money source and a good platform to start the monetizing your blog with. Also you could get your blog reviewed by other bloggers around the world using ReviewMe advertiser feature.

So if your blog is ready to be monetized go sign up at ReviewMe

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Park Let (London)

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Been worried about getting ample parking spaces in and around London? Well, you can get accurate and specific parking spaces suiting your requirement and money, using parklet’s search for parking spaces. Ranging from parking spaces near Charing Cross to Bloomsbury Square you can find available parking spaces for all price ranges. They include underground secure parking spaces, 24x7 commercial car park and security with swipe card facility, you can find it all there for London Parking. You can rent as well as put up available parking spaces for sale in Parklet’s site.

Almost 10,000 parking spaces and garages are available for monthly rental as well as for annual with an upfront amount. Their search engine system is good and gives pretty accurate results. You just type in the name of your city or post code and it gives out all the available parking spaces and rental rates.
You can choose the list view(traditional) or the new map view method with the places listed out in a aerial map of your city. In the latter method its easy to spot the parking spaces and their location with respect to you, if you  are familiar with the query city.

You can apply for the parking space directly in their site and get more detailed directions regarding its locations and dependability. But, beware, some of these London Parking spaces cost too much bucks. Be sure to read through all the listings and select which suite best for your need and wallet. You can also put up your parking spaces in their website and have it listed.

A really useful niche website if you are in and around London or is on a visit there.

Limewire PRO 4.14


LimeWire is a fast, easy-to-use file sharing program that contains no spyware, adware or other bundled software. Compatible with all major platforms and running over the Gnutella network, LimeWire's open source code, is freely available to the public and developed in part by a devoted programmer community. LimeWire is offered in dozens of languages and is available in LimeWire BASIC, a free version, or LimeWire PRO, an enhanced version.

What we have here is the PRO version with all premium features enabled.

On the surface, the refined and zippier Java interface houses some snazzy new icons and a few new features, including a connection-quality meter and a button matrix for zeroing in on specific file types.

You can quickly type in and find the file you want from peers all over the world.

LimeWire is the fastest, easiest, most advanced file sharing program available with an all new spam blocker and automatic updates.

It also has a what's new feature which adds files recently added to the network.

You can publish your works to the world with a creative commons license and download other licensed works too. All with limewire Pro 4.14.8.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

In-House Property Management

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Managing a property can often be a tough task. Furthermore, if you are a property investor looking to protect your assets and grow your financial returns, often unseen hurdles including troublesome tenants and low rental value can seriously affect your expectations. There is a solution for this if you are from in and around Brisbane or is looking to invest in property there. The In House Property Management is for managing your property proactively, rather like efficient use of your property to build your returns. They are so confident of their service that they provide a money back guarantee for any month in which you are not completely satisfied with their work.

When you contract with them for property management, they get you a communicator, administrator, advisor, negotiator and, in short, all that is required for smooth management of your property. For all these, they charge you a seemingly modest 7.5% for every property you manage through them. They have covered up all Property Management needs in their portfolio and promises to get the job done and do it in time. Everything from selecting suitable tenants for your property, regular maintenance, timely revenue collection up to entry and exit condition reporting is covered up in their Property Management service.

Well, if you are interested, go have a look at their Property Management website or you can contact them at the contact number given there. You can also fill up the form given there to know more about managing your property better. In-House Property Management is a reputed firm focusing on giving more quality in their work, and as their quote goes “Proactive Property Management” is what they provide.

Auto Poweron Shutdown

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Make your computer resume from power-off state or sleep mode

Auto Power-on Shut-down can make your computer resume from power-off state,control your computer's shutdown and startup automatically.

Resume from power-off state - Allows you to control your computer auto start up and work in appointed time. It can wake your computer at specified date/time, even if the system has been closed.

With Auto Power-on Shut-down you are able to control the shutdown and startup states of your computer.

Wake up from sleep mode - Allows you to wake up your computer from sleep mode (s3 standby) at specified time.

Task Schedule - Allows you to open files, play sounds , run programs, close programs , open website, show message, standby/hibernate, shutdown/reboot, etc. at any designated time .

Features of Auto Power-on Shut-down:

  • Make your computer resume from power-off state
  • Wake up your computer from sleep mode (standby)
  • Run programs,open files, open URL or close programs at any time
  • Play mp3, wma ,wav or flash at any time
  • Logs on system and lock computer automatically
  • Shutdown/reboot and enter standby/hibernate mode at any time
  • Synchronize your PC's time to atomic clock servers

And much more...

Now you dont have to wake up in the wee hours to download anything. Just configure auto power on to work it for you.


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