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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Bubblenator

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Well, as the name suggests, this is a pretty good tweak to add interesting talk and thought bubbles to otherways boring pictures. You can do it to any image on the net, you can add bubbles online and get code to link to the new images so that you can put those images in myspace, orkut or anywhere that supports html. The Bubblenator is provided to you as a pass time in online-casinos.com, but you can edit your images pretty quickly to something interesting using this online tool. You need to know the URL of the image you want to edit. Rest is quite simple for anyone from layman to a pro.

You can view The Bubblenator here. Paste or type in the image address in the text area provided there. Pick any pic you like. Then follow the steps shown there. You can add up to a maximum of three talk or thought bubbles, whichever you like, edit its sizes and its content online, then get the code for the new edited image. Well, they put a link back to their site in the code for the image, but since they host the image for free, it’s not too bad after all.

You can add crazy captions to the images and then paste the code back to your blog or website and be done with it. Much like this one here.

Well, The Bubblenator, for quick online caption addition to your images.

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