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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Family Keylogger

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Well, it’s what it says, an invisible-to-all keylogger which records all the keystrokes made from your keyboard. A keylogger, for those newbies out there is a program that when installed and run on your pc records all that is typed in from your keyboard, and may send it to a remote location or reveal itself to someone with the right access codes. Usually its part of the toolkit of many hackers out there, but this one, as its name implies is for potential family use and parental control.

Since its use is unrestricted, once you install this Family Keylogger on your shared computer, you can see what your son/daughter/spouse/employee type in while they are on your computer and see their online activities as well as sense potential harm coming your way. You can also use this Family Keylogger as an unusual, but effective tool, when your computer freezes while you are typing an important document in your word processor and you are unable to save your work. Using this keylogger you can retrieve data up to that moment when your computer hung up on you.

The Family Keylogger available here is the trial version for 21 days, but you can order the full version anytime from their site for a reasonable price of 28 bucks. But, before you download, be sure to read their disclaimer which states some obvious but important facts.

The program is rich in features with ability to go itself into stealth mode where in it hides itself from the task manager processes, msconfig, ad/remove programs, and start shortcuts, making it virtually untraceable in your computer. Only the keystrokes that you have set will reveal it again and then you can see all the keystrokes made from your computer. One possible demerit is that it does not list an option for sending the stored information to a remote location, say an email id, for monitoring while you are away from your computer.

Well, an essential spy tool, the Family Keylogger.

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