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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Park Let (London)

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Been worried about getting ample parking spaces in and around London? Well, you can get accurate and specific parking spaces suiting your requirement and money, using parklet’s search for parking spaces. Ranging from parking spaces near Charing Cross to Bloomsbury Square you can find available parking spaces for all price ranges. They include underground secure parking spaces, 24x7 commercial car park and security with swipe card facility, you can find it all there for London Parking. You can rent as well as put up available parking spaces for sale in Parklet’s site.

Almost 10,000 parking spaces and garages are available for monthly rental as well as for annual with an upfront amount. Their search engine system is good and gives pretty accurate results. You just type in the name of your city or post code and it gives out all the available parking spaces and rental rates.
You can choose the list view(traditional) or the new map view method with the places listed out in a aerial map of your city. In the latter method its easy to spot the parking spaces and their location with respect to you, if you  are familiar with the query city.

You can apply for the parking space directly in their site and get more detailed directions regarding its locations and dependability. But, beware, some of these London Parking spaces cost too much bucks. Be sure to read through all the listings and select which suite best for your need and wallet. You can also put up your parking spaces in their website and have it listed.

A really useful niche website if you are in and around London or is on a visit there.

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