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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fruity Loops 6.5 Producer Edition


FL Studio is the most complete virtual studio currently available. It will play any sample file (wav), generator (softsynth, VSTi & DXi) or midi instrument you feed it.
You will be creating wav, mp3 or midi songs or loops only minutes after launching it.
FL Studio is a fully featured, open-architecture music creation and production environment for PC. No extra software is required* to produce any style of music, as the complete set of instrument and studio tools is included in the cost of the package. With the included plugins, sounds and tools the user can create complete songs, as well as backing tracks, loops and sizzling beats. Completed songs can be saved to WAV, MP3 or MIDI or .ZIP or native project formats (.FLP).


Make virtually any sound. FL includes 13 virtual synthesizers covering acoustic/synthetic bass, electric guitar and plucked string simulation, sampler tools including piano, general sample playback, and beat-slicing, and a range of synthesis techniques (subtractive, modelling, FM, granular and additive).


The most powerful mixer in its class. FL7 includes an industry-leading 64 stereo track mixer. Each track can include up to 8 effects and can also be routed to any of the other 64 tracks or one of 4 dedicated 'send' channels. The 44 included effects plugins span Compression, Delay, Distortion, EQ, Filtering, Phasing, Flanging, Chorus, Vocoding and Reverb. These will take you from the creative broad-brush effects like reverb, through to the minutia of the mastering process with multiband compression/limiting and parametric EQ.

It is an amazing music production software giving all what you need. See for youself and download feely here,

Monday, January 28, 2008

Investor Advice

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Are you relatively new to the investor market and need some complete expert advice regarding when and where to invest your precious money? You certainly don’t want someone who does not have sound advice for all your financial queries. George Divel is someone who has been providing financial advice to corporate businesses as well individuals for a decade now. Now he runs his own investment firm, Global Wealth Advisors, providing financial advice to investors.

George Divel is someone who believes in providing complete, that means complete in every aspect, service in any queries regarding your investment and finances. He had been the youngest Morgan Stanley associate to achieve Vice President Status. Now he is a licensed Investment Advisor providing financial expertise needed to run individual and institutional businesses alike. His firm provides a wide range of service including how to invest in stocks, mutual funds, about retirement planning, manage insurance, Tax-exempt investments and much more.

You can contact George Divel now toll free at 866-492-2338 or visit his website georgedivel.com to know more about how to invest your money in a secure way. Whether you are one who have been in the investment area for long or has just come up into the main arena, you are sure to find some advice that will only improve your financial status.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wysiwyg Web Builder.v5.0

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This is for all those netizens out there rearing to make their first webpage or blog.

You will find this software very eay to help design your favourite webpages quickly.

Web Builder is a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) program used
to create web pages.

means that the finished page will display
exactly the way it was designed.

The program generates HTML (HyperText
Markup Language) tags while you point and click on desired functions
you can create a web page without learning HTML.

Just drag and drop objects to the page position them anywhere you want and when youre finished publish it to your web server (using the built in Publish

Web Builder gives you full control over the content and layout
of your web page.

It supports java, html, activex, flash and much more to be embedded on your site.

Just download it and start making webpages.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008



 Looking for a cheap dedicated server pack? ServerPronto may just give you the answers. With an ultra fast 100 mbps extremely reliable connection and a cheaper price by far of about $30, ServerPronto seems to have all the answers. For the starter pack of $29.95, you get a disk space of 40 GB plus a more than enough bandwidth, for small and medium scale businesses, of 200 GB along with AMD 2000+ and 256 MB DDR RAM, you can have all the power to meet your needs. At any time, all ServerPronto bandwidth is dynamically routed to the fastest available carrier using the latest BGP4 technology.

In addition, they guarantee 99.999% uptime, 24x7 customer support and multihomed bandwidth. You will get a free setup on all servers when you order now with a pre-pay of three months. There is a wide range of dedicated servers available with different costs and specifications, so that it matches what you need for your website. There is no automatic domain registration though, and they doesn’t support ecommerce. And if you are worried about unexpected spikes in your traffic taking your site down, there are gigabit ports now on offer that you can avail by simply filling up a form at ServerPronto site. For more info on any of the packages, ServerPronto has a live customer care office on line for chat or else you can visit their website at ServerPronto.com.


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thoughts images

There had been a review of thoughts.com, the free Blog hosting website during its first days of inception. It has grown since, and as I look through the site now, I feel more comfortable, almost as much as going through blogger ;). Usually what a free blog hosting website needs is simplicity and freedom. Thoughts.com offers a wide range of features in this regard including uploading videos as well as images, podcasts and infinite bandwidth. Further more, thoughts goes ahead to give your blog more privacy by taking measures such as the blogger gets to decide who can view his/her blog, and you can set the privacy setting so that everyone can view your blog or only your friends or for your eyes only blog.

You can change the privacy setting overall for your blog or for your images or videos only. Good control over your blog, but I would like to see a little more interactivity in blog layout and design. Basically one can change the color theme of your blog and that’s about it. So with thought.com what you can essentially do is publish an online personal diary, and it lives up to its name. It’s a place to jot your thoughts down and get it viewed all around the blogosphere. In case you are looking for a nice good looking secluded site for an online journal aka Blog, thoughts.com is as good as a site as anything. Nothing very technical, basic blog site with many good features. So if you feel like sharing your thoughts or publishing a new out of the way blog, sign up at thoughts.com. Livewares already has a branch there. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Check Into Cash

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                                                          Many a time you are in the middle of a month when a crisis comes up. You have just enough money to last the month and the next paycheck seems to be eons away. What is the solution? Well, Check into cash is a fast and secure means of getting an advance payday loan by simply writing out a check that they will hold until your next payday. Check into cash does this fast with 1240 centers all over US and the payday loan, ranging from $100 to $800 will be credited within next 24 business hours. A very profitable solution compared to the trouble one will face when a check is bounced or a bill is to be paid with the extra late fee.

To get a payday loan, all you need is a photo ID, a current bank statement and proof of income. Check into case takes care of the rest. There is a simple and quick form at their site to fill up, after which you will be taken into a secure user sign up page by verisign where you fill up your application, sign a disclosure and agreement. That’s it; your pay day loan is on the way. Check into cash will hold your check until your next payday, before which you can go and pay off the loan in person.

So the next time an unexpected emergency comes up, don’t worry, just go to the check into cash payday loan website and fill up their online form. As easy as you wished it would be.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What About a lil’ Gambling, huh?


                            Once in a while everyone of us feels like putting a bet on an interesting match or playing some poker. Well, if you feel like being lucky, here is some of the Top Gambling Websites List provided to you. You can read all the latest sports scores, see live odds, make bets in an instant as well as see sportsbook casino and poker reviews. You can also place your bets on NFL batches and top rated football sportsbooks. You can get into online betting within seconds with these huge collection of Top Gambling Websites List.

There is also an information tab on special offers and promotions available and free guides on betting. The site also warns you about blacklisted sportsbooks and all the sportsbooks listed there are excellent sites that have a long standing reputation. These include top rated sportsbooks on NBA, NFL, racing, baseball and many more. There is a huge collection of NFL betting sites along with live odds, sports forums as well as sportsbooks pages. You can also contact the site administrators about more betting sites as well anything related to sportsbooks’ collection of Top Gambling Websites List.

In general, a nice vast collection to look through for if you are going to be doing some betting in future or are already participating in betting. Sportsbook watch’s huge collection of Top Gambling Websites List.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Soccer Kits


You maybe looking for a good enough soccer goal to practice in the backyard or are in search of some quality Soccer Balls. All the above and more sports equipment for soccer can be found at soccergoalzinc.com with your orders hipped within 3 days at 15$ ground rate for any sized shipping. There are soccer goals for all size and ages ranging from the Kids Pop-Up Portable Junior Target Soccer Goal to the 6' x 12’ backyard tournament soccer goals. They are easy to setup with locking pins for easy and secure assembly. They are made with heavy duty galvanized steel tubing providing durability and strength for youth training and short-sided soccer games.

There are also soccer rebounders for extra training sessions and soccer backstops which can be used for soccer, football and baseball to contain the ball. You can practice kicking, goaltending, and swinging with this versatile soccer backstop. The netting in the backstop reduces the speed of the ball safely. A large collection of portable big size soccer goals are available in the right size to test precision for soccer players to help build the team skills. The soccer goals are available in a range of prices starting at around 30$. You can order them and much more including Soccer Balls at their site, soccergoalzinc.com. Time to get shooting.

Baseball Bats


Are you ready to go swinging? Choose your favourite baseball bat and gloves from a huge collection of baseball products and get them shipped to you right away. Baseball Bats, baseball ball thrower, batting gloves, catching gloves, baseball kit and much more can be found in this 5 star customer rated sports equipment manufacturer’s website, kidsportsinc.com. Baseball Bats are available with the trademark Adjust-a-hit technology that widens your swing and makes sure that you don’t choke up due to your bat length. There are also bat and ball sets available with an especially good looking 27" Aluminum bat with an anti vibration system that “radically reduces vibration, expands the sweet spot and increases handle flex.” Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

There are also a lot of other sports equipments available from this Franklin sports associate including basketball hoops, golf clubs, ice hockey kits and much more. You can also email them with a product that you didn’t find on their site and with the amount of sports equipment available, you can be pretty sure, they will have anything that you may need in the field. They offer a 7.5 $ ground shipping on any size product orders. The aluminum bats are especially striking and are priced at around 50$ a piece. So, if you are looking for a nice swing, you know here to look for Baseball Bats, right? They accept all secure methods of paying including visa, MasterCard, Amex and what more, their ecommerce is done by Yahoo!. Go have a lookout at the goodies.

NY IT Consulting

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                                                         Do you need help in designing a great website for your business or are you in a state of makeover in your IT department, the iCorps, a leading NY IT Consulting firm, may just offer the best IT outsourcing solutions available in the market today, especially if you are a small or medium scale businessman in around Boston and NY. As their mission statement goes they strive to provide “practical, cost-effective IT services and solutions” to their customers.

iCorps offer a score of IT based solutions ranging from network integration including remote access and wireless connections, data backup, also included are web based solutions including web designing, hosting and updating, business application management as well solutions for corporate relocations. They also give a one click quote, to know the price listing for the services you need from them. Just fill up the simple form at their website, iCorps.com, and you will get an instant quote from this NY IT Consulting firm. What they provide you in the end is a hassle free IT department for your business, which in turn lets businessmen concentrate fully on their business development. Its not extravagant to say that almost all businesses today rely heavily on IT solutions. That’s where, iCorps, with their flexibility and highly skilled employees offer you high quality solutions.

Also on the available options are several prepackaged programs for you to pick from like System administration and website maintenance, just one click away. For more on all the above and also for a helpline number or to contact iCorps, visit their website iCorps.com.

  Get a Quote Here

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baseball Buys


Are you looking for a nice sleek baseball bat at an affordable price? Then do check out the huge collection of Baseball bats, Baseball Gloves, and other equipments at kidsportsinc.com. They are the specialists in making baseball products that can last quite a season of hard hitting and catching. Baseball batting gloves are available in many smashing colors with five different sizes to choose from. There are also catching gloves made of high quality material in a wide range of prices.

Especially, their power house youth baseball hard hitting bat, stands out from the lot with a trademark adjust technology to lengthen or shorten your swing accordingly. It comes with a Rubber-foam barrel for ultimate hitting power. There are also the pigskin series baseball gloves which comes in a ready to play packet at a price range of 25$ and about. These gloves have patented Infinite Web adjustment which widens the catching area and feels more accustomed to your palms.

Kidsportsinc.com is an associate of Franklin Sports, leader in sports equipment manufacturing. There are also a lot besides Baseball Gloves and bats available for sale at their site. These include basketball hoops, baseball ball thrower, football outfits, street hockey equipment and much more. Do check out their huge collection of sports equipments. They provide shipping with a ground shipping charge of 7.5$ on any size order.


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Is your business in IT field? Then you certainly are in need of a firm like iCorps. Whatever be the problem your business maybe facing in the field of Information Technology, iCorps seems to have the answer for it. They are one among the leading IT consulting firms available. IT outsourcing, consulting and management capabilities are offered by iCorps, the leading New York IT Consulting firm.

iCorps offer a variety of services including website design and maintenance, network integration including security issues, remote access and maintenance, also included are business application development using in .Net framework. They are particularly useful for small and medium sized businesses looking for relocation in and around Boston and New York. You can apply and get an instant quote for the service you need at the iCorps website.

iCorps also provide several prepackaged programs providing System Administration
& Support, website maintenance and a three level iCorps managed care providing IT solutions according to your needs. This New York IT Consulting may also answer your call for better career opportunities. Their website creation package includes website design, hosting, updating and periodic content revisions. Their team of experienced IT professionals will provide you with the best IT outsourcing option available today in the market. For more info on any of these visit this New York IT Consulting firm website.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

GoalKeeper Game


                                                       Those of you EPL crazy fans out there will go overboard about this game. It’s, as the name suggests, is a soccer game where you play the role of the Goalkeeper. No, you don’t play the whole game as in FIFA 07 games, but this one is very addictive in its own way. You have all the addons required for this game, including team transfers, league standings, your charisma points etc which can make you glued to the game for a long time. The Goalkeeper game is available for downloads, along with a host of other windows and mac games at Winterwolves.com.

The game have a lot of functions involved, not just actually playing the game. You can increase your goalkeeping skills in between games by doing the training session. You can also sign up for transfer at the end of the season and do coach talk to increase your support status within the team and much more. In the game, you can follow the game commentary and is called into action when the opposing team tries a shot at your goal. I thought it would pretty much easy moving the goalkeeper gloves to the ball position, but in the end found out that I was on the losing side of the game. You have to have to some skill in playing the game. More than that, it makes you addictive once you get into the mood of the game. The usual frenzy of an EPL match takes grip of you.

You can also opt for leagues in other countries as well. You start as a young goalkeeper in a bottom 5 team and can climb up the rankings to the number one goalkeeper position in the world. I didn’t get to try it all out, but am already rearing to try it. Overall, it’s a very addictive game to pass your free time by.

The demo version of the game is available for download at winterwolves.com along with other windows and mac games. The full version is available for download their as well for a price. I didn’t get to check out all the games, but they appear pretty above the standard too. Game freaks, try them out at winterwolves.com.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1


Do you view or edit Office documents on you Windows Mobile device? Well now you can view files created with the Office 2007 file format. We have just released Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1. This new version allows you to view and edit documents created with Office 2007.

In addition to that it has some other new features as well:

  • Enhanced viewing experience for charts in Excel Mobile
  • Ability to view SmartArt in PowerPoint Mobile
  • Ability to view and extract files from compressed zip folders
Microsoft Office Mobile Pocket Word, Excel and PowerPoint Microsoft Office Mobile programs including Pocket Word, Excel and PowerPoint let you work while you’re on the go with your Windows Mobile handset.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Magic DVD Ripper 5.2

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Magic DVD Ripper is a very easy and powerful DVD ripping software, which can convert DVD to VCD, SVCD, AVI(DivX), WMV, MP3, iPod and PSP formats or backup DVD to hard drive without any loss of quality. You can then enjoy them anytime without DVD discs or burn them to blank DVD or CD discs using burning software.

Key Features:
  • Convert DVD to DivX or other AVI formats
  • Convert DVD to WMV
  • Convert DVD to MP4 (iPod and PSP formats)
  • Convert DVD to MP3
  • Convert DVD to VCD or SVCD
  • Copy DVD movie to hard drive without any loss of quality
  • Remove all the restrictions of DVD (CSS, Region, RCE, Sony ARccOS, PuppetLock)
  • Copy main movie only or split DVD-9 into 2 DVD-5
  • Compress DVD to fit on a 4.7 GB disc
  • Very easy to use, just by one click
  • High ripping speed and wonderful output quality...

If you are ready to download full version of magic dvd ripper,

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