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Friday, January 18, 2008

NY IT Consulting

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                                                         Do you need help in designing a great website for your business or are you in a state of makeover in your IT department, the iCorps, a leading NY IT Consulting firm, may just offer the best IT outsourcing solutions available in the market today, especially if you are a small or medium scale businessman in around Boston and NY. As their mission statement goes they strive to provide “practical, cost-effective IT services and solutions” to their customers.

iCorps offer a score of IT based solutions ranging from network integration including remote access and wireless connections, data backup, also included are web based solutions including web designing, hosting and updating, business application management as well solutions for corporate relocations. They also give a one click quote, to know the price listing for the services you need from them. Just fill up the simple form at their website, iCorps.com, and you will get an instant quote from this NY IT Consulting firm. What they provide you in the end is a hassle free IT department for your business, which in turn lets businessmen concentrate fully on their business development. Its not extravagant to say that almost all businesses today rely heavily on IT solutions. That’s where, iCorps, with their flexibility and highly skilled employees offer you high quality solutions.

Also on the available options are several prepackaged programs for you to pick from like System administration and website maintenance, just one click away. For more on all the above and also for a helpline number or to contact iCorps, visit their website iCorps.com.

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