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Friday, February 1, 2008

Blogging with PayPerPost!


                          If you are a good blogger, with a sizeable traffic to your blog, looking to make some money while blogging, payperpost would be the right choice. When I first heard of PayPerPost from a fellow blogger, I thought, well its just another of those get-rich-quick scams. But after signing up with payperpost, I took a good look around it. I knew then what I have been missing. With thousands of bloggers writing on topics interesting to them everyday, PayPerPost is a BIG community with a wide range of opportunities for bloggers like me.

Unlike many other sponsored review websites out there, PayPerPost distinguishes itself by maintaining some stringent rules on its bloggers and at the same time providing them with genuine useful opportunities. You can write about advertiser’s websites through PayPerPost and also, advertisers can contact you directly through PayPerPost direst badges placed on your blogs. The best thing I like about PayPerPost is the way they lay down the rule that, there must a balance between sponsored and un-sponsored content in your blog. Initially I had been rejected by PayPerPost, but it got me thinking. It led me to increase the content of this blog to a higher level benefiting its visitors. And then the opportunities started pouring in.

So payperpost have been a great source of motivation for bloggers like me. To be a part of the BIG bloggers community there is something that is really moving. Incidentally I met a very interesting fellow blogger in there named Riz, who I am looking forward to taking into my Livewares team. Overall PayPerPost is a very encouraging opportunity for any blogger.

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