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Saturday, February 2, 2008



                          It’s always difficult to market your blog or any of your creative ideas to a wide range of audience in the net. You have to present it to the right audience and with right amount. Have you not wondered whether there isn’t an easy way to do this? Buzzfuse lets you presen t any of your blog’s posts or your videos, photos, podcasts, almost anything to a huge audience out there. You just have to add a buzzfuse widget at the end of your post, image etc. After validating it, your content is presented first to an inner circle of fans. In case they like it, buzzfuse takes it from there to its huge audience base. It’s a very effective method to drive traffic to quality posts that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Create buzz around any of the content you want using Buzzfuse. Once you add your content, its provided first to an inner circle of your fans and after that to wide audience base of Buzzfuse. After that you can view the statistics of the content you have added. I already got some good hits in the last half an hour for the Orkutwares page I added to buzzfuse. In case you need some traffic to your blog, Buzzfuse is the place to sign up.

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