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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hello Rome!

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Is a trip to the Colosseum or the St. Peter’s somewhere in your tour chart? Well, have you then decided where you will stay in the busy Roma? Take a look at the finest of the Rome hotels at Romaclick.com run by Mauro and Paola from, where else but Roma itself. You get a complete peek in of the finest hotels in Rome, all of which are centrally located and easily accessible. You won’t get to pick from the Sheraton or Hilton, which incidentally are located far from the heart of Rome, but to some other majestic hotels located in around the heart of Rome.

Also to be found are Rome apartments to suit exactly your long term needs. All the hotels come with all the facilities you would need including private bathroom, air-conditioning and TVC. The prices listed include all these plus taxes. So you need not fear about any hidden costs. You can get also hotels according to location, for example if you are planning for a trip to Colosseum, you could choose to stay in a hotel not far from it. Also available in their list is car transfers for hire, organized tours and more. So next time you plan on visiting the beautiful Roma, do check these wonderful Rome hotels out beforehand.

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