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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Restore Your 'Show Desktop' Button

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Yesterday while toggling with my PC, I accidently deleted my 'Show Desktop' button in the taskbar. Now I have never really looked upon how you enable this button because it has always been there. It was really irritating with it not being there and it was then I found this useful tweak to get your "Show Desktop" button back in position.

Inorder to do so just follow the following easy steps:

  • Click Start -> Run -> type Notepad and enter
  • Copy the contents shown below to your Notepad and save as Show Desktop.scf


Once the file created, drag the file to the Quick Launch bar.

Done! You just restore Show Desktop icon.

Note: By default Notepad save all document as txt file. To save your file as .scf file extension, type the full file name together with the extension and simply select the “Save as type” from txt to “All files” and click “Save”

There is also another quick method to restore show desktop icon in quick launch bar:-

Click Start -> Run and type regsvr32 /n /i:U shell32.dll and enter.

Done! You just restored your Show Desktop icon.

Just a nice tweak which may come in handy.

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