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Thursday, February 28, 2008


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Stracka is the newest in social networking sites, but this one is something special. This is a social networking site exclusively meant for Golfers. Yep, you get to meet other fellow golfers, discuss about golf courses, track your weaknesses in golf, get detailed report about any golf course, and more. Stracka is filled with features aimed directly at Golfers- amateurs as well as pros. Also, if you Google Earth installed, you can download yardage maps of Golf courses so that you analyze every putt in detail. Stracka has over 1000 Golf courses’ map in its database all which you can download for free after signing up at Stracka for free. A Social Network for Golfers where you can hang out, lament on your recent Golf outings and pretty much improve upon your Golf.

There is also an excellent search feature that lets you search for popular golf courses and get yardage maps for these courses. It also gives every detail you want to know about these courses. The trademarked Stracka Line technology captures a 3D topographical map of golf greens that is accurate within +/- 3 millimeters. Hence ensuring that, you never misread a putt again. You can browse other fellow golfers’ profiles, send messages to them and upload photos. This Golfers network is fast growing with over 366 members in last 20 days. A Social Network for Golfers that is worth signing up if you want to get moving on that swing of yours.

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