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Friday, March 7, 2008

Art Storage

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                                                                       It is such an unwanted trouble while you are moving. Your favourite art possessions carried around by moving people like they are ordinary waste bags! Now you don’t have to worry about moving you artworks anymore because the professionals are here to help. Art Storage, crating as well as moving is done by very trained experts at Mind’s eye. Art works from the time of being taken down to being put up the new address is addressed and done by professional workers, movers and drivers so that you can concentrate on other things you need to while shifting. If you happen to be around Boston and NY, you can just give Mind’s eye’s people a call and your artworks will be as safe as it ever can be.

They also take up storing of artworks in vaults built according to the elegance the artwork and the owner demands. Art Storage in itself is an art that is mastered by people at Mind’s eye. These vaults come with a unique racking system, humidity control and fire prevention measures to protect your valuables from all known hazards. 24 hour monitoring is done to you artworks with customized security. You couldn’t ask more for your valuable items. Store or Shift your valuable artworks using mind’s eyes unique art movers. For more info please visit their website.

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