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Friday, March 7, 2008

Prevent Identity Theft


                                                                                     What is identity theft? Is it the mere loss of your credit card or the money in it? The answer is No. Identity theft includes a whole lot of activities including creation of new bank accounts using stolen accounts, applying for new credit cards using the stolen credit card, applying for jobs using information in stolen accounts and much more. To see the variety of identity thefts possible and have been practiced, visit real people reviews at Life Lock Reviews. See how real people prevented their identities being stolen by using Lifelock’s comprehensive identity theft prevention program.

Life Lock Reviews give you an idea as to how different identity thefts occur and how signing up for LifeLock can help you prevent and not warn you in case of an identity theft. For example, many identity theft protection groups will warn you once money is withdrawn in large amounts all of a sudden from your credit card. But this doesn’t essentially prevent thieves from getting away with your money. At a Life Lock Review, you can see how LifeLock makes your life protected from all these identity thefts, from junk mails and gives you a $1 Million Guarantee against identity theft. You will be notified even if someone tries to use your credit card unlawfully.

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