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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Track Your Money

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Are you a confused spa or salon owner worried about where all your hard earned money suddenly disappears? Are unwanted expenditures eating away your profits? Keep track your money with this excellent spa and salon software from the Milano systems. This salon software helps you do quite a lot with your money and overall monitoring of your profits. It helps you keep your best clients, in hiring the best and efficient staff and keeps you informed about the productivity of your staff and more. It also keep you informed you about which of your products are moving the most in the market and which brings you the most profit.

Milano’s spa software has an exclusive profit center which helps you know where you get the most profit from your business and area where improvements could be made. This software for salons and spa’s offer a variety of modules including integration of credit and debit card payments from clients, a smart access security system for enhanced protection, easy transfer of all transaction details to your accounting software, online booking of appointments for your business and more. The three sets of software on offer including salon, spa and medispa offer a wide range of features over different areas including sales, appointments, employee managements, services for small, medium and corporate sized businesses. For more info on pricing and other details contact them at milanosystems.com.

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