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Saturday, April 19, 2008

All New Winamp 5.5


What's New in Winamp 5.5?

  • A Completely Redesigned Interface, including Album Art
  • Multiple device support, including iPods
  • Access and Share Your Music and Videos with Winamp Remote
  • Play and Playlist the Best Music on the Web with Media Monitor
  • Get Artist & Concert News, Videos & more with Smart Search
  • Enjoy Dynamic Song Recommendations
  • Experience MP3 Surround Sound Support
  • Access to Thousands of Online Radio Stations, Videos and More!
  • 50 FREE MP3 Music Downloads compliments of eMusic's 2-week Trial
  • Auto-Tagger provides automatic updates to file information
  • Control Winamp From Your Browser with the Winamp Toolbar

Winamp is the universal music playback software accepted by millions of pc users. Light and less resource wasting, winamp 5.5 comes integrated with many features designed to enhance your music experience. Cool new skins, online radio and more.

Here is a screenshot for you:

Get the full version download of Winamp pro here in Livewares, at no cost.

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Fajrul said...

That was a very cool download, thanks

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