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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Online Savings Account

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Have you gone through the benefits of creating an online Savings Account? You get free online banking, access to your money from the many ATM’s around, free and easy transfer of money between your various accounts, get free electronic statements and you could also sign up for overdraft transfer service which would prevent bouncing of checks due to insufficient balance. You could start with as low as $1 and apply for an online savings account within 7 minutes. You need not have a checking account to open an online savings account but the benefits will be more if you have a checking account. You could waive the monthly charge of $4 that comes up if your balance goes below $300 on any day of the month, by opening a savings account with a Wamu free checking account.

An online Savings Account provides you with greater flexibility for the money you own and increased speed in transactions. You can access this money any time online as well as from any ATM subject to availability of funds. There are good interest on the money you put in via an online savings account and if you are not sure whether you should get started on an online savings account, have a look at this site featuring a pretty neat and easy method to start an online Savings Account.

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