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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shower Curtain Effect


Hey people, away from all the serious stuff, its time for some time in the shower to relax. But wait, don’t you see that shower curtain coming in. Many of us have had the unpleasant (to say the least) experience of the shower curtains clinging to our body and “yikes”. I found this cool and easy to install hassle-free gadget on net that can give you a cling-free shower in seconds and it’s pretty discreet too. It’s called the shower bow and it has everything to do to make the shower experience a lot better.

Many theories have been passed about as to why these curtains behave in such an unruly manner to us, but solutions to this problem were pretty messy which led to many of us totally taking those curtains out. Now the patented anti weight technology of the ShowerBow promises to give us all the more shower space we need with a little gadget that fits in with the curtain very discreetly and is completely flexible. This cool gadget has been featured in CNN, Gizmodo and more. The various testimonials at their website speak for themselves. Of all the countless gadgets that you come across net everyday, I think this is one that one won’t be sorry about to have bought it.

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