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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Start Windows Explorer in Any Directory

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I know a lot of pc users who use the windows explorer to browse their files. They usually get windows explorer using a shortcut key or from start menu. It would be useful in certain situations if the windows explorer could start from some other folder than the default 'My Documents' folder.

This is an easy and pretty quick way to change your default windows explorer opening page.

Follow these steps:

1> Right click the shortcut you use to summon windows explorer.

2>Choose properties and in the new Window go to 'Shortcut' tab.

3> You can see something like "%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe"
      (without the quotes), there in the Target option.

4> You have to change it into  "%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n, /e, D:\"
      (without quotes).  Instead of "D:\" you can choose any path you like.
       In the example above, windows-explorer will start in "D:\".

Be sure to check this quick and easy tip. You can now change the default opening folder of windows explorer to the folder you most frequently use rather than your My Documents Folder.

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