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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Integrate Gtalk with Firefox and Opera

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Now you can use Google Talk in the panel / sidebar
while browsing with your favourite browser.

You dont need to have the GTalk client installed at all for this.

  • Goto Bookmark Manager.
  • Click to create new bookmark.
  • Paste the following URL in the address (URL location) field.

  • Enter any name for the bookmark like GTalk.
  • Select the option for adding in sidebar or panel.
  • Click OK and you are done.

Google Talk Gadget requires Adobe Flash Player 8 or above.

It works fine in both Opera and Firefox.

Do check it out and let us know your opinions.

Jlgsolera Online TV Live v6.3.38

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Online TV Live allows you to watch 3645 + channels of television and the Internet to listen to radio stations online free on your PC, games and Newspapers (1,250) on the World Wide Web. 250 full movies, trailers Kinofilmov 1540, +2500 Video Music you can see or download. Its live TV channels database is the largest in the world. No additional equipment is required.

Online TV Live require Windows Media Player & Real Player. Online TV Live supports Windows Media Player and Real Player.

Get all the channels you need at the click of a button.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Check Whether Ur Antivirus Works


Here is a quick tip to see whether your much desired antivirus is still working properly on your system.

Just follow the following easy steps:

  • Create a new folder in any drive.

  • Copy paste the following into a notepad file created in that folder:

  • Inside the notepad file, Click on, File>Save as , and type in the window that comes up the file name as, "fakevirus.exe" (with the double quotes).

If your antivirus is working properly it will detect a new virus at that moment!!

Be sure to check this trick out and let us know the results.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Any Video Converter Professional 2.5.6


Any Video Converter is an all-in-one video converting tool with easy-to-use graphical interface, fast converting speed and excellent video quality.

It can convert almost all video formats including DivX, XviD, MOV, RM, RMVB, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI to MPEG-4 movie format for iPod, Zune, iPhone, PSP, 3GP Phone or other portable video device, MP4 player or SmartPhone.

It also supports importing video clips directly from YouTube and Google Video.

It comes with all the codecs you need and the engine converts videos very fast and in high quality too.

Version 2.5.6 supports AMV file format, upgrades the YouTube FLV downloading engine according to YouTube Web site upgrade.

Monday, May 19, 2008

How To Enable Auto-Logon in Windows Vista

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Since due to higher security risks Windows Vista not allows auto logon by default.Don’t do this trick if your system contains confidential data and is physically insecure.This is how you can do it:

  • click on the Start menu button and type 'netplwiz' on the search bar on the Start menu and hit Enter.(if you want to do this trick in Windows XP, click Start, Run, and type control userpasswords2 in the Open box)

  • In the window that comes up, you will find "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer" box and uncheck it.

  • After this click 'Apply'

  • In the new dialog box that opens type the name of the user account you want to auto-logon by default (if the account is not normally passworded then leaves it blank)

  • click OK and exit.

Now reboot your system. You should bypass the logon screen and go straight to your desktop, just as you did in Windows XP.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Frontier Movie



Have you not yet heard about the controversial Frontier movie? If you think you have seen enough scary movies, well this movie will just shock you. The trailer I checked out at Frontier(s) website absolutely was terrifying. To start up with this movie has been unrated and hence will be screening only on select theatres for a week before the DVD release. You can check out the mind blowing Trailers at their website along with the theatre listings to find the theatre nearest to you.

It’s a complete Horror Movie with extreme gory and violence depicted which could be evidenced from the trailers. The movie couldn’t get a rating due to its extreme violence and hence they either had to cut the scenes down or release it unrated. They opted for the more adventurous path getting the movie to release in select theaters for a week before its DVD release and hence giving the movie lovers a chance to see it Uncut in Full screen. You can check out the select theater listings here and find the one nearest to you. So, if you think you can watch the whole thing out, check the theatre listings and get out there for the release.

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Create a Shortcut for the Safely Remove Hardware Option

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As flash drives, pen drives etc are becoming more common now, it's a quite an annoying fact to click the small icon on the task bar to 'safely remove' these devices after use. Here is a good trick I found while googling, that can help you make a shortcut to remove these devices.

  • In order to create a Desktop shortcut to remove any of these devices,

  • Right Click anywhere on desktop, and choose "create shortcut" (new>shortcut in XP).

  • In the window that comes up, copy-paste the following for the 'location' option:

           It would  appear as shown below:

  • Give a name to your new shortcut and click OK.

  • Now right click the shortcut and you can give a new icon or a shortcut key to call the shortcut key easily.

  • Done! Now to safely remove any usb stick, just double click on this shortcut in your desktop and the remove window comes up.

No more searching at the bottom of the taskbar for the small icon.

You can also integrate this shortcut with a batch file.

Happy experimenting!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SocialSpark for Advertisers


If you have been recently anywhere in the blogging world, you must have heard of SocialSpark, the new word in social networking for bloggers and advertisers alike. SocialSpark.com brings together bloggers and advertisers in a new transparent way, intended to provide sponsored posts and sponsorships for blogs in a secure search engine friendly way. What SocialSpark needs and every bloggers demands is more advertisers to take part in this excellent innovative idea. Especially the big players in the software field can take part in SocialSpark which will only benefit them to no end.

The strength of SocialSpark lies in complete transparency and honesty among advertisers, bloggers and blog readers. The blogger is responsible to specify explicitly with every post that it is a sponsored one to prevent any conflict of interest and anyone can view the blogger’s public profile to view the opportunities he have taken in the post and those he is working with now. All these steps ensure that the advertiser gets complete return value from the money they spent. More advertisers including the credit card companies and the pc game makers can drive a huge volume of traffic to their website essentially by providing opportunities and sponsorships within SocialSpark.com. So in case you are looking for an innovative way to boost your internet sales and make contact with some bloggers along the way, SocialSpark is best for you.

Sponsored by SocialSpark

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

FolderSizes FULL

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Desktop PCs and servers can quickly end up accumulating large quantities of unused, temporary, and duplicate files. Before you know it, you're out of drive space, backups are taking far too long to run, and users can't find the data they need when they need it. You need a visual, interactive software tool to help you manage disk usage. You need FolderSizes. FolderSizes is an award-winning, network-enabled disk space analysis tool. It can quickly isolate large, old, temporary, and duplicate files, or even show file distribution by type, attributes, or owner. All with multiple export formats, command-line support, shell context menu integration, and much more.

FolderSizes goes far beyond the capabilities of competing solutions by combining several tools into one:

  • Disk Space Explorer - Awesome detail view, coupled with stunning graphical bar and pie graphs

  • Duplicate File Report - Quickly isolate and manage duplicate files within any folder or volume

  • Largest Files Report - FolderSizes can quickly show you which files are eating up the most space

  • Oldest Files Report - Use your own criteria to find old files that may no longer be needed

  • Temporary File Report - Eliminate temp file clutter left over from software installs, downloads, browsing, etc.

  • File Owners Report - Discover which users are consuming the most space on local and network drives

  • File Types & Attributes Reports - See the distribution of disk space by file type or attributes

  • Drive Space Monitor - Instant, at-a-glance view of any local, mapped, or removable disk File Sizes, Names & Dates Reports..

In Short this is a software you would need to get all that valuable drive space back. I found it very useful to delete unwanted large size files that I never knew existed from my drives and free up the precious memory.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wining lottery number

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Think you are getting luckier? Take your chance at capturing that prize you always needed with dreadandwin.com. It’s easier than it sounds. You get in, choose your desired prize and with the high odds they have you have a very high chance of getting your prize pretty soon. All the prize draws are online and you get to refer friends and get attractive prizes too. It keeps getting better and better. Creating an account if absolutely FREE and online draws takes place very frequently that you may be holding the Wining lottery number before you know it.

All draws are completely random and the fairness of draw is guaranteed as they are an international site with a big reputation to protect. The Wining lottery numbers are announced after each draw at their website. You will be invited to view the draw online through emails to maintain the transparency. Getting into a draw is easy. You sign up, make a deposit into your fund, buy a ticket and wait for the draw to take place. The draw will take place as soon as all the tickets are sold out. So you can encourage all you know to buy the tickets and you will be solicited through email as soon as the draw is about to take place. Then hold on to your Lottery numbers and if you win, you will just love it. The prizes offered are really awesome. Check ‘em out now.

Affiliate Bidding

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                                                                    Do you want to generate some extra cash from your website with some good affiliate marketing? Then here is a very good website for you to do anything connected with revenue from affiliates. AffiliateBidding.com can connect you with the right kind of people for your own affiliate program after you give them your niche, traffic etc, or you can find programs or affiliates to work in cooperation with and negotiate the prices or you can refer affiliates for your favorite hosting company or advertiser and earn some passive income, all in one place. So good na? You don’t have to worry about getting enough quality affiliates for your website now. All you have to do is sign up for free at AffiliateBidding.com, create an advertiser profile and ads for free, and start affiliate marketing.

You can also participate in their forums to share your knowledge with hundreds of webmasters out there and get first hand knowledge about how to increase your revenue from affiliate marketing. For those who are just starting out with their websites or those trying to keep it afloat, affiliate marketing with genuine quality partners can be just the right solution. So if you are ready, sign up at AffiliateBidding.com now for free.

Fashion School Finder

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                                                                                       Are you confident that you can make trend setting designs? You want to be in the glamour world of fashion then. Yet how? There are a lotta ways, but finding the best fashion school for you is ultimately most important. Find all the info you need on the most prestigious fashion design schools around at one place. Check out all the news and buzz about new fashion designs and designers and who is setting the trends now. To be a successful designer creativity is very important and honing your natural skills can bring you ultimate fame and fortune. Where to do it but in the best fashion schools? Here we have a featured list of famous fashion schools which can be your real way to the glamorous world of fashion.

Brooks College, CA, International Academy of Design and Technology, FL, are some of the prestigious institutions listed. You can get info on the whereabouts, history, credibility and how to submit your application and more about any of the fashion school at one click now. Also you can search for fashion schools near your area and the pros and cons of a career in fashion. So to check out more about fashion schools, go to fashion schools.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

SensiSeeds Affiliate Program


Do you have a high traffic website that you think is not generating enough revenue from the ads at present? Switch to Affiliate marketing and to get you underway, here is cool affiliate website. They pay you a market high of 20-30 % per referral you send to them. Sensiseeds is a site marketing cannabis seeds for sale and the way to make money is pretty simple. You put up links for people to be referred to their website, and each time a sale is made you get paid. There is no particular catch, only that you should have enough traffic in the first place for the referral marketing to work properly.

SensiSeeds Affiliate Program is easy to get accepted into, you need only a good website and the potential for their product is international. Hence no need to worry if you are located in Irvin or Mozambique. Related websites will have more potential with this type of marketing, though any site with huge amounts of traffic can do well. You start with a basic pay of 20% per sale and depending on the volume of referrals you offer this will go up to 30%.so if you are looking for widening your income providing opportunities, sign up with SensiSeeds Affiliate Program today.

Bad Credit Offers

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Are you struggling in the middle of the month to make both ends meet? Here is a site that lists all the best credit cards available for you under one roof. Now you don’t have search all over the net or spend time googling to find the credit card best suited to your needs. Bad credit offers.com can help you overcome periods of extreme money scarcity with excellent bad credit credit cards that will provide you with instant cash.

The verification process is pretty simple and you could be on your way to the good side of the credit within five minutes. There are comprehensive list of all types of credit cars, home loans, auto loans, personal loans and more. You get personalized credit reports whenever you need at the click of a button. Check out bad credit offers.com now and you can be debt free in minutes.

Delete History in WMP

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Many of us don't want the media player to remember lot things we view in it. So what is a quick answer to this? Here are a few steps the tweaky way:

  •  Goto - start - run

  •  Type regedit - click ok

  •  Navigate to - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Player\RecentFileList

  •  Look at the window panel on the right - delete all that you wish removed from media player recent list

No more history of video files viewed in your windows media player, works on all versions till wmp11.

Happy Video Watching!

SocialSpark is on Fire!!!


If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s the latest by IZEA, the same people who brought PPP to us bloggers, with another cool portal based on the social networking theme to help bloggers and advertisers meet. SocialSpark is awesome and it is just taking off like wild fire. SocialSpark is like a big social networking community of bloggers and advertisers where in you can create as well as take sponsored post opportunities, whole page ads and more. What makes it all the more different? Everything!

From the first, you will get the impression that this is not a place just to make some dough, but to meet with other people and get to know bloggers all around. They now have the “no follow” tags for the sponsored post links so that SocialSpark is absolutely search engine friendly. You will never lose another page rank for writing sponsored posts now. All the more, SocialSpark keeps the bloggers open about their commitments to their readers by keeping a sponsored post image at end of every opportunity. Full in-post disclosure and the fact that public can see all the posts taken by a blogger at that time means that, SocialSpark keeps the “conflict of interest” phenomena to a minimum.

IZEA has gone to some lengths to protect the integrity of sponsored posts as it was getting very irksome to distinguish between posts that were paid for and that were not. This way, the readers will be happy, bloggers will be happy and the advertisers too. It’s a win-win-win formula. Check out SocialSpark now.

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Get Quick Launch Back

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If any of you have had your quick launch at the task bar wiped out due to spyware or had accidently removed it, and is getting an error message "cannot create toolbar" while trying to bring it back, 

here is a quick fix for you:

  • First in a windows explorer page, Go to Tools>Folder Options>View. There uncheck "Hide all my operating system files" and chcek "Show hidden files and folders"

  • Now Go To My Computer>C:\>Documents and Settings>"Your Profile Name">Application Data>Microsoft>Internet Explorer

  • If you dont find a folder named "Quick Launch" in that folder, create a folder by the name "Quick Launch" there.

  • Click and close the windows.

  • Now right click on your task bar and re-enable quick launch again. There you have it.

  • Quick launch is back, up and running.

On tips for how to bring the "Show Desktop" button back Check Here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sell What You Have


Wonder what it would fetch if you sold that not-so-old sunglasses of yours? Well, I have this Ray Ban glasses that I brought some time ago and never got a chance to use. It went unnoticed for some time until I found this site where you can sell your products online. I am putting along a picture of it for you guys to look at.

The process is easy. You find any product to sell, drop it off at their iSold It store, watch the auction on eBay and collect your check. This way you don’t have to worry about limited exposure for your product as professionals handle the marketing of your product which in turn means that you get the most value out of your product.

You also don’t have waste your time out on selling it. Start checking around you for any valuable product you have to sell and then drop it off for the professionals to market it. Get all the market exposure you need for your valuable product. Hassle free selling for you, all you have to do is drop it off and get the check. So, if you have any product you think is valuable enough drop it now at iSold It store.

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DAP Plus Premium

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Download Accelerator Plus Premium lets you download anything from net upto speeds higher by about 400% than your normal speed. DAP premium has the advantage that it comes with virtually no ads and it lets you do the downloads with no hassles at all.

There is also the search tab which lets you browse the web within DAP to maximize unique management & download features.

You can preview files while they are being downloaded and resume all broken downloads.

DAP is a download manager that does not need much briefing and used by millions of netizens worldwide. This cool product from speedbit is available for free download below.

It gives you download security from Zone alarm and your download is visible only to you.

The DAP Shredder deletes traces of files you no longer need and the trace cleaner delets any cookies and temporary internet files you dont need.

Internet TV and Radio Player


An application that lets you watch 800+ TV channels and listen 1600+ free online radio stations on your PCInternet TV & Radio Player allows you to watch directly over 1500 free Internet TV channels and listen to 4500+ online radio stations on your PC.All Internet TV channels and radio stations are from 100+ countries with nearly 100 different languages (English, Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Indian and more).

There are no need for a PC TV cards because the TV channels are streamed through your internet connection.

It can set the screen window to any size what you want, And it is easy to use.

If you are interested in alternative programming, learning languages, foreign cultures, entertainment, news or more, this is a good choice for you.

Design Your Own T-Shirts Online

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Want to get creative on your T shirts? With this innovative new website, you can change the look of your T shirt instantly online and experiment with hundreds of exciting new designs. Its pretty quick to use with its easy to use interface that will let you design a new model in no time at all. Design yourown Custom T Shirts and then you can email it your friends and let them check out your cool new costumes. You can also setup your own shop with the T shirts you designed and can also offer these T shirts for sale online.

The oppurtunites are endless with new designs added every moment. Getting a membership a Sonicshack is free and then you can start designing, save thise designs, send it to everyone you need and of course, purchase other designs online as well. You can use their image gallery or use their custom designs to give your shirts that cool or outgoing look, whichever you feel right now. Setting it all up is ver easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. You can also upload your images and try them out on your t shirts. Like I said, you can experiment a lot, so start designing your Custom T Shirts now.

Friday, May 2, 2008

RoboTask - The Automation Software

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Automate any series of tasks on your computer!

RoboTask enables you to automate any combination of tasks on your computer, ranging from simply launching applications, to checking email, moving or backing up files to uploading or downloading, sending email and much more. The program allows to easily create simple task, as well as highly complex automations, involving conditional IF/ELSE statements, loops, custom variables and other advanced options.

Just a few minutes with RoboTask will give you plenty of ideas of how you can increase your productivity.

Let the visual steps lead you to create any series of tasks that you wanted to be automated on your computer.

Here are some of the things it can do:

  • Runs applications and open documents.
  • Manages automatic backups.
  • Alerts you of any changes in your folders.
  • Shuts down Windows and powers off your computer triggered by any event you choose.
  • Processes files and folders (copies, moves, renames, deletes).
  • Start and stop services at pre determined times and more.

Your imagination is the limit ;)

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