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Friday, May 16, 2008

Create a Shortcut for the Safely Remove Hardware Option

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As flash drives, pen drives etc are becoming more common now, it's a quite an annoying fact to click the small icon on the task bar to 'safely remove' these devices after use. Here is a good trick I found while googling, that can help you make a shortcut to remove these devices.

  • In order to create a Desktop shortcut to remove any of these devices,

  • Right Click anywhere on desktop, and choose "create shortcut" (new>shortcut in XP).

  • In the window that comes up, copy-paste the following for the 'location' option:

           It would  appear as shown below:

  • Give a name to your new shortcut and click OK.

  • Now right click the shortcut and you can give a new icon or a shortcut key to call the shortcut key easily.

  • Done! Now to safely remove any usb stick, just double click on this shortcut in your desktop and the remove window comes up.

No more searching at the bottom of the taskbar for the small icon.

You can also integrate this shortcut with a batch file.

Happy experimenting!

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