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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Design Your Own T-Shirts Online

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Want to get creative on your T shirts? With this innovative new website, you can change the look of your T shirt instantly online and experiment with hundreds of exciting new designs. Its pretty quick to use with its easy to use interface that will let you design a new model in no time at all. Design yourown Custom T Shirts and then you can email it your friends and let them check out your cool new costumes. You can also setup your own shop with the T shirts you designed and can also offer these T shirts for sale online.

The oppurtunites are endless with new designs added every moment. Getting a membership a Sonicshack is free and then you can start designing, save thise designs, send it to everyone you need and of course, purchase other designs online as well. You can use their image gallery or use their custom designs to give your shirts that cool or outgoing look, whichever you feel right now. Setting it all up is ver easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. You can also upload your images and try them out on your t shirts. Like I said, you can experiment a lot, so start designing your Custom T Shirts now.

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